This archive uses the scanned original speeches, often complete with Enoch's hand annotations. They have been split out into the decades in which they were given. Simply click on the decade header and you will find a further breakdown by date. The complete index, by date and topic, to the speeches is on the right. Where possible we have listed the date, title and location of each speech. For some of the speeches in the archive this information is regrettably unknown.

Enoch Powell has always been celebrated as a speech-maker of great talent. This archive presents the public speeches of Enoch Powell, covering all of the topics that Powell was passionate about, complete and unedited.


Index of speeches. Please download this pdf index of the speeches to help you locate the speeches that you are interested in. The speeches are indexed by topic. Please note that many of these files are quite large and may take a few moments to download.

Note- Index updated Jan 2018 with 17 additional speeches.


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