Enoch Powell has always been celebrated as a speech-maker of great talent. This archive presents the public speeches of Enoch Powell, covering all of the topics that Powell was passionate about, complete and unedited. This archive uses the scanned original speeches, often complete with Enoch's hand annotations. In some cases the archive contains alternative versions of the same speech, these are labelled as (Alt.). We have listed a theme for each speech to aid in searching for specific topics. Where a speech could be classed as belonging to more than one theme we have listed the relevant themes. Where specific information is not known we have listed the information as ‘Unknown’. Speeches labelled 'Hansard' are addresses by Enoch Powell to parliament and listed here for completeness but are not available in the archive.

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DateThemeTitleAudience/LocationDownload LinkPage Number
29/11/1957The Economy/IndustryInflationNewcastle Page 33
12/11/1959The Economy/IndustryThe Location Of IndustryInstitute of Directors, Birmingham Page 57
12/11/1959The Economy/IndustryThe Distribution Of Industry (Alt.)Institute of Directors, Birmingham Page 64
27/10/1960Government and Nation. Health and the N.H.S.Aims & Objectives Of The New Minister Of HealthExecutive Councils' Assoc., Lllandudno Page 50
09/03/1961Health and the N.H.S.Integration (Published Version)National Assoc. for Mental Health, Church House, Westminster Page 36
09/03/1961Health and the N.H.S.Integration (Original)National Assoc. for Mental Health, Church House, Westminster Page 24
22/04/1961Memorial Speech/Toasts. Government and Nation.St George's Day: The Spirit Of EnglandSt George's Day Banquet Page 18
26/04/1961Health and the N.H.S.Cost Of N.H.S. DrugsAssoc. of British Pharmaceutical Industries, London Page 14
10/10/1961Government and NationImportance & Significance Of Local GovernmentLocal Government and Nation Conference, Brighton Page 3
21/03/1962The Economy/IndustryEmployment In National Health ServiceRoyal College of Surgeons Page 130
23/03/1962The Economy/IndustryInflation: Incomes Policy, Money Supply And StrikesMidland Branch, Botanical Gardens, Birmingham Page 120
06/04/1962Health and the N.H.S.Local Authorities ServicesNew Central Clinic Opening, Dudley Page 116
04/05/1962Health and the N.H.S.Waiting ListsAnnual Conference, Institute of Hospital Administrators Page 110
11/05/1962Health and the N.H.S.The Need For New HospitalsFoundation Laying, New Hospital, Treliske,Truro Page 107
12/05/1962The Economy/IndustryEconomic ProspectsFalmouth and Camborne Constituency Annual Fete and Rally, Cornwall Page 105
18/05/1962The Economy/IndustryInflationCons. Assoc. Public Meeting, Chipping Sodbury Page 103
06/06/1962Health and the N.H.S.Emigration Of British DoctorsBritish Medial Association Page 90
19/10/1962Health and the N.H.S.Humanisation Of Hospital ServiceBritish Hospital Contributory Schemes Assoc., Cardiff Page 84
09/11/1962Health and the N.H.S.Treatment Of The SubnormalOpening New Ambulance Depot, Warwick Page 78
10/11/1962The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation's Wage Policy And The National Incomes CommissionScottish Young Unionist Rally, Peebles Page 75
29/11/1962Health and the N.H.S.Hospital AdministrationEuropean conference, King Edward's Hospital Fund Page 72
01/02/1963Health and the N.H.S.Health - Infant MortalityWolverhampton Page 69
08/03/1963Government and NationPatriotismLouth Constituency Open Meeting, Louth Page 67
24/04/1963Health and the N.H.S.Drug Safety Testing - ThalidomideAssoc. of British Pharmaceutical Industries, London Page 64
26/04/1963The Economy/IndustryPopulation TrendsPlymouth Page 62
25/05/1963Government and Nation. Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.Britain In The 1970'SWessex Area AGM, Bournemouth Page 60
15/06/1963Government and Nation(A) Profumo (B) Free SpeechSouth West Cons Fete, Narborough Hall, Norfolk Page 52
26/06/1963Health and the N.H.S.Five Year Programme For BroadmoorLuncheon, Broadmoor Hospital Page 44
06/07/1963Government and NationThe Party's PrinciplesBromsgrove Unionist Club, Bromsgrove Page 38
24/07/1963The Economy/IndustryNational PlanGalloway Unionist Assoc.. Page 34
20/09/1963Government and Nation. Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.The Essential Election IssueRally for Young Voters, Illminster Page 33
09/10/1963Health and the N.H.S.Health ServiceBlackpool Page 26
24/10/1963Government and Nation(A) Macmillan (B) Premiership: The Conflicting PhilosophiesBromley Constituency Public Meeting, Bromley Page 12
13/12/1963Government and NationThe Duties Of The Tory Government and NationAGM Wolverhampton South West Cons Assoc. Page 3
14/01/1964Government and NationConservative & Unionist Central OfficeBilston Round Table Page 92
28/01/1964The Economy/IndustryEmployers' Nonsense At 'Neddy'Unknown Page 75
29/02/1964Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsLabour's IntentionsDulwich Conservative Assoc. Annual Dinner Page 68
06/03/1964The Economy/IndustryHousingOpening of John McLean & Sons New Offices, Wolverhampton Page 67
13/03/1964The Economy/IndustryFinancial & Monetary PolicyMiddlesborough Page 60
03/04/1964Government and NationRegional PolicyAGM East Renfrewshire Unionist Assoc., Glasgow Page 44
21/04/1964The Economy/IndustryFree EnterpriseWomen's Meeting, Docking, Norfolk Page 40
22/04/1964The Economy/IndustryTransportHarleston, Norfolk Page 36
22/04/1964The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.UntitledJubilee Hall, Maldon, Essex Page 32
25/05/1964The Economy/IndustryCapitalismS. Staffordshire Federation of Conservative Councillors Page 26
16/06/1964The Economy/IndustryIndustrial Relations - Rookes And BarnardConservative Assoc., LSE Page 22
19/06/1964The Economy/IndustryPolitics And The InvestorInvestors Chronicle Conference Page 12
20/06/1964Education and LiteratureEducationConservative Teachers Conference Page 3
12/07/1964Government and NationThe Machinery Of Government and NationCPC Summer School, Oxford Page 110
16/07/1964The Economy/IndustryNationalisation - Civil AviationPublic Meeting, Grimsby Page 108
29/07/1964The Economy/IndustryTrade Unions And Wages (Alt.)City of London YCs Page 100
29/07/1964The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions .Trade Unions And WagesCity of London YCs Page 92
25/09/1964The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.Adoption Speech HousingElection Campaign Page75
05/10/1964The Economy/IndustryHousingRise Park Junior County School, Romford Page 68
05/10/1964The Economy/IndustryHousing (Alt.)Rise Park Junior County School, Romford Page 73
10/10/1964The Economy/IndustryThe Right Type Of Industry'Hartlepool Page 64
12/10/1964The Economy/IndustryModernisationGillingham Page 61
13/11/1964The European UnionThe NationTrinity College, Dublin Page 41
28/11/1964The Economy/IndustryIncomes PolicyWest Midlands Area YCs, Birmingham Page 29
04/12/1964The Economy/IndustryThe Determination Of Salaries And WagesLiverpool Economic and Statistical Society, Liverpool Page 25
10/12/1964Defence and Foreign PolicyForeign AidCanada Club of Lancashire, Manchester Page 16
11/12/1964The Economy/IndustryNationalisationBiennial Dinner of the Batley and Birstall Chamber of Commerce Page 12
18/12/1964The Economy/IndustryParty Organisation, And Import SurchargesAGM Wolverhampton S. W. Cons. Assoc.. Wolverhampton Page 3
15/01/1965Law and OrderRule Of LawEdinburgh University Cons. Club Page 79
12/02/1965The Economy/IndustryCompetition And TransportWolverhampton S.W. Cons Women's Meeting Page 73
25/02/1965Government and NationGovernment and Nation In 1965Aylesbury Conservative Women's Advisory Committee Page 66
26/02/1965The Economy/IndustryPublic ExpenditureBristol N.W. Conservative Assoc.. Westbury-on-Trim Page 58
07/03/1965The Economy/IndustryExportsKent YCs, Folkestone Page 49
08/03/1965The Economy/IndustryCompetition - Road HaulageAnnual Dinner, Road Haulage Assoc.. Grosvenor House Page 46
19/03/1965The Economy/IndustryStrikesAGM, Beaconsfield Branch of Bucks S.W. Conservative Assoc.. Page 35
26-29/03/1965Government and NationThe Consequences Of The General ElectionSwinton Conservative College Page 29
26-29/03/1965The Economy/IndustryAugust 1961 To October 1964Swinton Conservative College Page 28
31/03/1965The Economy/IndustryThe Forthcoming BudgetAGM, Cities of London and Westminster Cons. Assoc.. Caxton Hall Page 18
02/04/1965The Economy/IndustryThe Black CountryInstitute of Welding, Wolverhampton Page 16
01/05/1965The Economy/IndustryNational PlanMidland Regional Group of Junior Chambers of Commerce, Nuneaton Page 3
14/05/1965The Economy/IndustryIncomes And Prices PoliciesSouth Staffs Branch, Institute of Marketing and Sales Management Page 99
21/05/1965Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationConservative Women's Coffee Morning, Wolverhampton Page 95
29/05/1965Education and LiteratureEducation - Grammar School TraditionPrize giving, Collyers' School, Horsham Page 91
10/06/1965The Economy/Industry . Defence and Foreign Policy.America - Private Enterprise?American Chamber of Commerce, London Page 82
18/06/1965The Economy/IndustryIndustrial RelationsConservative Women's Meeting Page 76
02/07/1965The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.The Built-In Contradiction Of George Brown'Open Forum, Wolverhampton Page 72
21/07/1965The Economy/IndustryMoney SupplyEve of Poll Bye-election, Hove Page 62
04/09/1965The Economy/IndustryExportsEast Flint Cons. Assoc., Shotton Page 52
10-12/09/1965The Economy/IndustryHow To Reward Effort In Industrial And Commercial Life'Swinton Conservative College Page 43
13/09/1965The Economy/IndustryNational SavingsAGM, Wolverhampton Saving Groups Page 39
18/09/1965The Economy/IndustryNational Economic PlanConservative Rally Meriden, Coventry Page 29
18/09/1965The Economy/IndustryTrade Union LeadersConservative Dinner, Coventry Page 20
24/09/1965The Economy/IndustryPrice ControlNewport Cons. Assoc. Page 13
25/09/1965Energy And EnvironmentNational Plan - EnergyYes Rally, Gower Page 9
?/9/1965Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceConservative Conference Page 3
28/09/1965The Economy/IndustryNational Plan - BuildingN.W. Kent Federation of YCs Page 133
19/10/1965The Economy/IndustryTrade Union Law - Closed ShopWomen's Advisory Committee, Western-super-Mare Cons. Assoc. Page 129
22/10/1965The Economy/IndustryImportsGillingham Cons. Assoc. Page 124
27/10/1965The Economy/IndustryNational Plan - BuildingCrayford Town Hall Page 120
27/10/1965The Economy/IndustryEconomic Measures - General & ParticularEconomic Research Council Page 113
30/10/1965The Economy/IndustryRationing Of HousingWessex Area Council of the Nat. Union of Cons and Unionist Assns Page 108
04/11/1965Defence and Foreign Policy. The Economy/Industry .Defence ExpenditurePublic Meeting, Hemel Hempstead Page 105
06/11/1965Government and NationPower & Glory: The Nation In The Mirror'Manchester Cons. Dinner Page 79
07/11/1965Religion and FaithQuicunque VultGreat Saint Mary's, Cambridge Page 71
10/11/1965The Economy/IndustryNational PlanEaling YCs Federation Page 68
12/11/1965The Economy/IndustryState InsuranceInsurance Institute of Leeds Annual Dinner Page 58
17/11/1965The Economy/IndustryRepresentation Of IndustrySociety of Independent Manufacturers, Connaught Rooms Page 48
19/11/1965The Economy/IndustryHouse PricesHansford and Woodford Cons. Assoc. Page 46
20/11/1965Immigration and Social CohesionRegional Planning And Immigration (Alt.)Edgbaston Cons. Assoc. Page 42
20/11/1965Immigration and Social CohesionRegional Planning And ImmigrationEdgbaston Cons. Assoc. Page 39
26/11/1965The Economy/IndustryPriceSouth Staffs Branch, Institute of Marketing and Sales Management Page 33
01/12/1965Defence and Foreign PolicyBritain's International Relations And Role In The WorldBloomsbury Overseas Luncheon Club For Women Page 3
06/12/1965Defence and Foreign Policy. The Economy/Industry .Prices And Incomes - Armed ForcesYes Rally, Sutton, Surry Page 16
17/12/1965Defence and Foreign PolicyAfrica And EuropeAGM Wolverhampton South West Cons Assoc. Page 7
01/01/1966Government and Nation. Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.Corned Beef Incident'London Page 135
14/01/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyThe CommonwealthPublic Meeting Camborne Page 121
27/01/1966The Economy/IndustryState Intervention - Investment GrantsBusiness Equipment Trade Association Page 112
24/01/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceHarrow Weald Page 116
28/01/1966The Economy/IndustryBalance Of PaymentsIncorporated Brewers' Guild, Birmingham Page 98
28-30/1/1966Government and NationConservative Policies - At HomeSwinton Conservative College Page 101
17/02/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyBritain's Objectives - ConcentrationMansion House Dinner, Worshipful Company of Pattenmakers Page 91
25/02/1966Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsState SocialismWomen's Meeting, Bolton Page 86
25/02/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefencePublic Meeting, Radcliffe Page 79
04/03/1966The Economy/IndustryIndustrial Relations LawAnnual Conference, Institute of Personnel Management, Eastbourne Page 77
11/03/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceElection Speech, Wolverhampton Page 74
15/03/1966Law and Order, Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions .Trade Union LegislationElection Speech, Streetly Page 71
16/03/1966The Economy/IndustryA Nation 'In Pawn'Election Speech, Darlington Page 69
21/03/1966The Economy/IndustryNational PlanElection Speech, Ayr Page 67
23/03/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceElection Speech, Wolverhampton S. Page 65
25/03/1966Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationElection Speech, Wolverhampton Page 63
26/03/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyBritish Intervention In VietnamElection Speech, Falkirk Page 60
28/03/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyBritish Intervention In VietnamElection Speech, Buxton Page 59
30/03/1966Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsConfidenceElection Speech, Wolverhampton Page 57
06/04/1966Government and Nation. Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.Words Not Action'City of London YCs, London Page 49
09/04/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyBeira Blockade, And UNLondon Page 48
29/04/1966The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation And IndustryEast Kilbride Page 45
30/04/1966The Economy/IndustryBusinessmen In WhitehallScottish YC Rally, Edinburgh Page 39
06/05/1966Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.Government and Nation Intervention - TechnologyS. Staffs Branch, Inst of Marketing Page 35
09/05/1966Law and OrderRule Of LawBrent Union YC Rally, Wembley Page 27
20/05/1966The Economy/IndustryEmployment TaxEngineering Industries Assoc., Gateshead Page 21
26/05/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefence - Military Aircraft And ArmsWomen's Branch, Claygate Conservative Assoc. Page 15
31/05/1966The Economy/IndustryAdvertising And Cheese (Alt.)National Dairy Festival Page 10
31/05/1966The Economy/IndustryAdvertising And CheeseNational Dairy Festival Page 6
18/06/1966Education and LiteratureThe Best Return'Conservative Teachers' Annual Dinner, House of Commons Page 3
04/07/1966The Economy/IndustryTrade Union Law - Seamen's StrikeSlough Chamber of Commerce, Maidenhead Page 170
05/07/1966The Economy/IndustryThe å£ Sterling And IndependenceWhitland, Carmarthenshire Page 167
07/07/1966The Economy/IndustryPriceJoint Dinner of Cordage Associations, Harrogate Page 161
03/09/1966The Economy/IndustryNational PlanHigh Peak Cons. Assoc., Chapel-en-le-Frith Page 151
06/09/1966Law and OrderThe Rule Of LawWolverhampton Rotary Club Page 144
10/09/1966Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsTrade Unions And The Socialist StateBliston Cons. Assoc. Page 135
23/09/1966The Economy/IndustryPriceDuston, Northampton Page 131
24/09/1966The Economy/Industry‰ÛÏIt Is Not A Moral Question - Inflation‰ÛYorkshire Area YCs, Blackpool Page 123
24/09/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyRhodesiaYork Cons. Assoc. Page 118
29/09/1966The Economy/IndustryInflation And The Socialist StateCPC, Bristol Page 108
?/09/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceUnknown Page 100
30/09/1966The Economy/IndustryProductivityTown Hall, Bridewater Page 96
01/10/1966Government and NationPolitics And Human NatureWessex Area YC Weekend, Weymouth Page 90
09/10/1966The Economy/IndustryCompetition And Co-OrdinationExhibition, Wolverhampton's Railways, 1837-1966 Page 86
14/10/1966Law and OrderRule Of LawLancaster Page 80
28/10/1966Government and NationTory Party And Trade UnionismEastern Area YC Rally, St Alban Page 75
?/11/1966DefenceDefence - EuropeConservative Party Conference, Blackpool Page 69
04/11/1966Government and NationGovernment and Nation By IntimidationWarwick, Leamington and Kenilworth Cons Assoc. Page 60
05/11/1966Law and Order. The Economy/Industry.Rule Of Law - Investment In Sterling Area CountriesN.W. Area YC Conference, Blackpool Page 55
06/11/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefence - EuropeN. Wales YC Rally, Llandudno Page 50
08/11/1966The Economy/IndustryPriceNational Federation of Wholesale Grocers and Provision Merchants Connaught Rooms Page 45
11/11/1966The Economy/IndustryBank Of England PoliticsCambridge University Cons. Assoc. Page 41
13/11/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyDefence - EuropeWolverhampton Branch, Jewish Ex. Servicemen's Assoc. Page 39
18/11/1966Government and NationGovernment and Nation InterventionPublic Meeting, Bognor Regis Page 23
25/11/1966Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.StaffordshireStaffordshire Society, Cafe Royal, London Page 18
01/12/1966Law and Order. The Economy/Industry.Rule Of Law - Pay PolicyLondon and District Society of Chartered Accountants, Connaught Rooms Page 10
12/12/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyRhodesiaAGM, Wolverhampton S W Page 3
11/01/1967The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation And ExportsWest Midlands Branch. Institute of Export Page 57
13/01/1967The Economy/IndustryHousingHome Finder Exhibition, Birmingham Page 52
14/01/1967The Economy/IndustryRestrictive PracticesAGM, East Midlands CPC, Chesterfield Page 48
21/01/1967The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.Restoring ResponsibilityN. W. Area CPC Conference, Blackburn Page 43
21/01/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceBirkenhead Cons. Assoc. Page 39
30/01/1967The Economy/IndustryProductivityStationary Industry Exhibition, Olympia Page 35
03/02/1967The Economy/IndustryInsurance And Welfare LegislationBirmingham Insurance Institute Page 30
10/02/1967Government and NationGovernment and Nation PlanningStrathclyde University Cons. Club, Glasgow Page 24
10/02/1967The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions.‰ÛÏFree-For None‰ÛCentenary Dinner, St Andrew's University Cons. Assoc. Page 16
11/02/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyBritain's Defence RoleYC Conference Page 11
13/02/1967Government and NationThe Role Of Government and NationThe Sales Conference Page 7
17/02/1967The Economy/IndustryPrices And Incomes BoardS. Staffs Branch Institute of Marketing Page 3
24/02/1967Education and LiteratureSelection In EducationAnnual Dinner, Old Wilfrunians Assoc., Wolverhampton Page 97
03/03/1967Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsUnion 'Closed Shop'Salford University Cons. Assoc.. Page 91
11/03/1967Government and NationThe Corporate StateSouth Oxfordshire CPC Page 71
12/03/1967Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.Targets'Stratford YC Political Day School, Stratford-upon-Avon Page 66
20/03/1967The Economy/IndustryPrices And IncomesAGM Slough Cons. Assoc. Page 61
31/03/1967Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsClosed ShopPublic Meeting, Kidderminster Page 54
03/04/1967Energy And EnvironmentTorrey CanyonBrighton (Kemp Town) Cons. Assoc. Page 49
15/04/1967Education and LiteratureResponsibility: A Dangerously Misused Word'Guild of British Newspapers Editors Annual Conference, Stratford-upon-Avon Page 30
17/04/1967Government and NationThe Conservative MessageAGM, E Midlands Area Cons. Assoc. Page 26
21/04/1967The Economy/IndustryEffect Of Prices And Incomes LegislationConservative Women of the Haltemprice Division, Nottingham Page 23
21/04/1967Government and NationOfficials' InterferenceBirmingham Branch of Institute of Chartered Accountants Page 16
28/04/1967Government and Nation. Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsAdvertisingPublic Meeting, Barnstaple, Devon Page 11
29/04/1967The Economy/IndustryPrices And IncomesAGM, Western Provincial Area of Nat. Union of Cons. and Unionist Assoc., Exeter Page 3
05/05/1967The European Union. Defence and Foreign Policy.Defence And The Common MarketConnaught Hotel, Wolverhampton Page 109
09/05/1967Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsSocialist InfiltrationCities of London and Westminster Cons Assoc. Page 102
12/05/1967The Economy/IndustryTransportCity of Cardiff Cons. Assoc. Page 95
25/05/1967The European UnionBritain - ‰ÛÏKnow Thyself"Ealing N. Cons. Women's Advisory Committee, Hanwell Page 87
31/05/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceCity of London YCs Page 85
03/06/1967The Economy/IndustryStatutory Incomes And Prices ControlBromsgrove YCs Page 78
06/06/1967The Economy/IndustryInflation And Hire PurchaseEurofinas Conference, Edinburgh Page 71
09/06/1967The Economy/IndustryPrices And Incomes LegislationPublic Meeting, Saltash, Cornwall Page 60
23/06/1967Energy And EnvironmentState Control: Atomic PowerConservative Women's Rally, Maidstone Page 50
24/06/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyBritain's 'World' Role - Middle EastConservative Rally, Nr Whitby Page 42
27/06/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyBritish Foreign PolicyConservative Assoc. Members Rally, Aylesbury, Bucks Page 57
27/06/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceRadio Industries Club Luncheon, London Page 37
30/06/1967The Economy/IndustryStatutory Price ControlConservative Rally, Bodenham Page 33
07/07/1967Government and NationParliamentary TimeGateway Group, Harrogate Page 30
08/07/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyDefence ReviewConservative Rally, Ripon Racecourse Page 21
27/07/1967Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.OfficesOpening of Ebury Gate, Lower Belgrave Page 15
07/09/1967The Economy/IndustryPricesMidland Region Engineering Industries Assoc., Birmingham Page 8
12/09/1967The Economy/IndustryIndustries Training BoardsWolverhampton Branch, Institute of Works Managers Page 3
?/10/1967Government and NationThe Tory Party And ScotlandUnknown Page 85
03/10/1967The Economy/IndustryEfficiency And ProfitInstitute of Office Management, Livery Hall Page 123
04/10/1967Government and Nation. Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsThe Myth Of A Tory Wilson'Public Meeting, Sittingbourne Page 118
06/10/1967Government and NationGeorge BrownDivisional Men's Dinner, South Warwick Cons Assoc. Page 116
07/10/1967Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.The Great SimplicitiesConservative Political Centre, Gloucester Page 109
11/10/1967The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation Intervention In The Economy/IndustryInternational Electrical Engineers Exhibition Dinner Page 104
13/10/1967Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.Our Own Berlin Wall'Cons. and Unionists Rally, Aberdeen Page 100
14/10/1967The Economy/IndustryNationalisationSouth Angus Assoc. Bazaar Page 96
16/10/1967The Economy/IndustryEconomic GrowthEast Renfrewshire Cons. Assoc. Page 88
18/10/1967Immigration and Social CohesionImmigration - KenyaPublic Meeting, Deal Page 81
19/10/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceConservative Party Conference Page 73
22/11/1967The Economy/IndustryExchange RateEve of Poll, West Derbyshire By-Election Matlock (7.30pm), Ashbourne (8.00pm) Page 70
30/11/1967The Economy/IndustryThe Nation's ConditionExecutives Assoc. of Great Britain Page 59
30/11/1967The Economy/IndustryInternational Money And The InvestorF.N.S. & Co. Page 49
02/12/1967Defence and Foreign Policy. The Economy/Industry .Defence CutsYarmouth Conservative Assoc. Annual Dinner Page 45
07/12/1967Defence and Foreign PolicyDefencePainter's Hall, Monday Dinner Club Page 37
08/12/1967The Economy/IndustryBalance Of PaymentsAGM, Wolverhampton S. W. Cons. Assoc. Page 30
18/12/1967Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.Harold Wilson's PerformancePublic Meeting, Abbey Hall, Abingdon Page 22
09/02/1968Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationWalsall South Cons. Assoc. Page 15
16/02/1968The Economy/IndustryTransport BillPublic Meeting, Urmston Page 10
17/02/1968The Economy/IndustryState Planning - Manpower Research UnitWestmoreland Cons. Assoc., Windermere Page 3
01/03/1968The Economy/IndustryExports/ImportsManchester Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 89
02/03/1968Law and Order. Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions .Trade Union LawCPC Conference on Trade Union Law, Darwen Page 82
15/03/1968Defence and Foreign PolicyNuclear DeterrentDefence Debate, Conservative Central Council, Bath Page 76
19/03/1968The Economy/IndustryBusiness And PoliticiansBritish Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Assoc. Page 72
22/03/1968The Economy/IndustryStatutory Wage ControlPublic Meeting, Bletchley Page 67
30/03/1968The Economy/IndustryProductivity And EarningsWales and Monmouth YCs Conference Llandrindod Wells Page 60
01/04/1968The Economy/IndustryExchange RatesAnnual Conference, FCS Page 55
05/04/1968The Economy/IndustryPrice Of GoldBurslem Cons. Club Centenary Dinner Page 52
17/04/1968The Economy/IndustryIndustrial SpecialisationAircraft-Marine Products Factory, Bideford Page 47
18/04/1968The Economy/IndustryBusiness For Profit'Bradford Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 43
19/04/1968Health and the N.H.S. Education and Literature. Government and Nation.National CensusBusinessmen's Lunch, Wolverhampton S.W. Cons. Assoc. Page 37
20/04/1968Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationWest Midlands Area CPC AGM, Birmingham Page 31
03/05/1968The Economy/IndustryInvestment And ConsumptionLiverpool Luncheon Club Page 26
11/05/1968The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions .Unions And InflationPublic Meeting, Chippenham Page 13
24/05/1968The Economy/IndustryInflation - Government and Nation BlackmailPublic Meeting, Gedling, Notts Page 3
15/06/1968Government and NationThe Tory OppositionAssoc. of Cons. Clubs AGM Westminster Page 134
18/06/1968The European Union. Defence and Foreign Policy.Britain's Position In The WorldEsher Cons. Women's Advisory Committee Page 125
21/06/1968The Economy/IndustryExchange RatePublic Meeting, High Wycombe Page 122
22/06/1968Education and LiteratureEducationAnnual Conference of Conservative National Advisory Committee on Education Page 107
28/06/1968Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.Mr Jocelyn Hambro's SalaryWest Riding Branch of Institute of Directors, Harrogate Page 102
28-30/06/1968Government and NationConservatism And Social SalarySwinton Conservative College Page 84
10/07/1968Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsSocialism And WalesAstrid Mynach, Caerphilly Page 82
21/07/1968Defence and Foreign PolicyWarsaw PactGLYC Summer School on Defence, Oxford Page 76
04/09/1968The Economy/IndustryThe Fixed Exchange And DirigismeThe Mont Pelerin Society, Aviemore Conference Page 58
09/09/1968Defence and Foreign PolicyRussia & NatoRowley Regis Round Table Page 47
12/09/1968The Economy/IndustryDenationalisationPublic Meeting, Watford Page 33
18/09/1968Defence and Foreign PolicyBritain's Military Role In The 70SR.U.S.I. Page 26
26/09/1968The Economy/IndustryThe Basle AgreementLeeds Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 20
27/09/1968Government and NationNationhood - Welsh And Scottish NationalismNorth Wales Advisory Council, Prestatyn Page 10
03/10/1968Law and OrderTrade Union LawWoodbridge Cons Women's Rally, Ipswich Page 3
05/10/1968The Economy/IndustryEconomic Policy for the 1970sNorcott Court, Birkhamstead, Herts Page 143
10/10/1968Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationBlackpool Party Conference Page 120
10/10/1968The Economy/IndustryHousingPreston Amounderness Round Table, Lytham St Anne Page 135
11/10/1968The Economy/IndustryThe Morecambe BudgetConservative Rally, Morecambe Page 124
18/10/1968The Economy/IndustryNationalised IndustriesEastern Area YC Rally, Old Welwyn, Herts Page 118
23/10/1968The Economy/IndustryBorrowing RequirementWestern Area Cons. Women's Advisory Committee, Exeter Page 110
25/10/1968The Economy/IndustryCriticism Of Morecambe BudgetAdvisory Committee, Exeter Public Meeting, Camberley Page 99
01/11/1968The Economy/IndustryProductivity Agreements' - Esso's Fawley AgreementSt Alphage Branch, Solihull Conservative Assoc. Page 90
02/11/1968Constitutional ReformHouse Of Lords ReformEast Midlands Area YC Conference, Harrogate Page 75
04/11/1968The Economy/IndustryBalance Of PaymentsPublic Meeting, Orpington Page 70
16/11/1969Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationAnnual Conference of Rotary Club, Burlington Hotel, Eastbourne Page 54
20/11/1968Law and OrderRule Of LawMonday Club Annual Dinner, Cafe Royal Page 46
26/11/1968The Economy/IndustryWorld Monetary SystemPress Gallery, House of Commons Page 39
28/11/1968The Economy/IndustryA Housing Policy For Great BritainFederation of Registered House Builders Conference, Kensington Page 34
06/12/1968Defence and Foreign PolicyRhodesiaWolverhampton S.W. Cons. Assoc. AGM Page 28
13/12/1968Immigration and Social CohesionIntolerance And ViolencePublic Meeting, Thetford, Norfolk Page 11
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10/04/1969Government and NationMaud Report On Local Government and NationAnnual Dinner, West Bromwich Cons. Assoc. Page 23
11/04/1969The Economy/IndustryP.I.B. - And Information DisclosureBusinessmen's Lunch, Wolverhampton Page 18
17/04/1969Constitutional ReformHouse Of LordsAnnual Dinner, Primrose League, Hyde Park Hotel Page 13
29/04/1969Education and LiteratureFreedom And Reality'Foyle Literary Luncheon, Dorchester Hotel Page 3
?/5/1969Tips De Cambio FlotantesOrientation Economica Page 145
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09/06/1969Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationPublic Meeting, Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton Page 90
13/06/1969The Economy/IndustryThe Ants & The Aphids' - Exchange RatesPublic Meeting, Ealing North Cons Assoc., Greenford Page 80
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20/06/1969The Economy/Industry . Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions .Trade Unions And InflationPublic Meeting, Louth Page 71
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27/06/1969The Economy/IndustryExchange RatesGlasgow Central Unionist Assoc., Glasgow Page 56
27/06/1969The Economy/IndustryHousingCathcart Cons. Assoc., Glasgow Page 50
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08/07/1969The Economy/IndustryStrikesPublic Meeting, Islington Page 28
11/07/1969The Economy/IndustryNationalisation Of DocksPublic Meeting, Appleton, Cheshire Page 25
12/07/1969The Economy/IndustryNationalisation And Private InvestmentPublic Meeting, Packham, Lancs Page 20
12/07/1969Defence and Foreign PolicyGibraltarHayward and Royton Cons. Assoc., Lancs Page 13
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09/10/1969Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsThe Danger Of Labour GovernmentsPublic Meeting, Portsmouth Page 39
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16/06/1970Government and NationVote Tory'Election Meeting, Wolverhampton Page 21
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19/06/1970The Economy/IndustryIndustrial SafetyNational Ind. Safety Awards Banquet of British Safety Council, Guildhall Page 3
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15/02/1971Immigration and Social CohesionImmigration - OriginalCarshalton And Banstead Young Conservatives, Carshalton Hall, Surry Page 63
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12/03/1971Education and LiteratureCriticism In Education'Clayesmore Lecture Page 30
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11/05/1971Religion and FaithThe Church And The Work Of The LordSt Lawrence Jewry Page 17
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17/05/1971The European UnionE.E.C.Netherlands Society for Foreign Affairs, The Hague, Holland Page 3
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25/05/1971Religion and FaithThe Church And The Work Of The LordSt Lawrence Jewry Page 37
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08/09/1971Immigration and Social CohesionImmigration - Original VersionConservative Supper Club, Smethwick Page 49
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17/09/1971The European UnionE.E.C.Eve of Poll' Public Meeting, Beckenham Page 17
23/09/1971The European UnionE.E.C.Preston and District Chamber of Commerce Page 10
27/09/1971The European UnionE.E.C. - 'Listen To The Other Side'Croydon Chamber of Commerce Page 3
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29/10/1971The Economy/IndustryFloating PoundChorley YCs Page 119
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04/11/1971Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationSouthhall Chamber of Commerce Page 101
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28/11/1971Religion and FaithWishful Belief (Summary)Portman Mensa Lecture Page 56
01/12/1971Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.Research And TrainingSteel Castings Research and Trade Assoc. Page 48
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11/02/1972Government and NationWhips' Pressure And The Party Organisation (Alt.)London University Cons. Assoc. in the House of Commons Page 27
11/02/1972Government and NationWhips' Pressure And The Party OrganisationLondon University Cons. Assoc. in the House of Commons Page 20
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24/03/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandPublic Meeting, Wimbledon Page 75
01/04/1972Religion and FaithDoubting Thomas'BBC Page 72
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14/04/1972The Economy/IndustryHousingPublic Meeting, Welwyn Page 54
21/04/1970The Economy/IndustryNationalised IndustriesInverness and Highland Chamber of Commerce Page 47
22/04/1970Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandBanffshire Cons. Assoc. Page 40
29/04/1972The European UnionE.E.C. - ConstitutionalOpen Meeting, Millom, Cumberland Page 32
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02/06/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandBelfast E. Unionist Assoc. Page 92
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10/06/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandUnionist Rally, Banbridge Page 77
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23/06/1972The Economy/IndustryHousingMidland Trades Employers Page 60
24/06/1972The European UnionE.E.C. - Debate Within ParliamentIlkeston Cons. Assoc. Page 54
01/07/1972Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationIslington Central Cons. Assoc. Page 46
28/07/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandCo. Armagh Unionist Assoc. Page 40
05/08/1972Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsThe Trade Unions, Leadership And ConsentMerry Hill Branch, Wolverhampton S.W. Cons. Assoc. Page 36
16/08/1972Immigration and Social CohesionUgandan AsiansMerridale Ladies Luncheon, Wolverhampton Page 33
12/09/1972Immigration and Social CohesionUgandan AsiansRamsgate and District Round Table Dinner Page 28
18/09/1972The Economy/IndustryInflationBanbury Round Table, Leamington Spa Page 23
20/09/1972Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationBeaconsfield YCs Page 19
27/09/1972The Economy/IndustryInflationShoreham Division YCs, West Chilington, Sussex Page 13
28/09/1972The European UnionE.E.C.Member de Parliament Britanniaue a un Dejeuner de Press, Brussels Page 10
30/09/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandUnionist Rally, Ballymena Page 3
02/10/1972Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceLiverpool Royal Artillery Officers Club Page 88
07/10/1972Government and NationThe Government and Nation's PerformanceYorkshire Monday Club, Ilkley Page 82
09/10/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandCromane Unionist Assoc., Belfast Page 80
11/10/1972The Economy/IndustryInflationScottish Bldg Contractors Assoc., Glasgow Page 77
12/10/1972Immigration and Social CohesionMovement Of Immigration MotionConservative Party Conference Page 72
20/10/1972Law and OrderViolenceInstitute of Industrial Security, Connaught Rooms Page 60
27/10/1972Immigration and Social CohesionCitizenshipNorwood Cons. Assoc. Page 57
28/10/1972The European UnionE.E.C. - And Government and NationYarmouth Cons. Assoc. Page 51
03/11/1972The Economy/IndustryMoney SupplyNon-Ferrous Club, Edgbaston Page 45
17/11/1972The Economy/IndustryHousingS. Portland Cons Club Page 38
18/11/1972Immigration and Social CohesionUgandan AsiansMonday Club Universities Group, Oxford Page 31
24/11/1972Government and NationConservative Government and Nation's RecordWolverhampton S.W. Conservative Assoc. AGM Page 26
02/12/1972The European UnionE.E.C.Cannock and Rugeley Cons. Assoc. Page 23
08/12/1972Immigration and Social CohesionU.K. NationalityHarwich Round Table, Dovercourt Caravan Park Page 15
13/12/1972The Economy/IndustryBritish Tourist AuthorityHotel and Catering Personnel Managers Assoc., London Page 13
15/12/1972The Economy/IndustryPrices And TaxesWestminster Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 6
19/12/1972The Economy/IndustryPrices And Incomes PolicyCity Liaison Group, London Page 3
11/01/1973The Economy/IndustryProductivity'Cannock. Litchfield and Tamworth Branch of British Productivity Council Page 104
12/01/1973Law and Order. The European Union.Rule Of Law And E.E.C.Monday Club, Westminster Page 97
26/01/1973The Economy/IndustryThe Floating Pound'St Andrew's University Cons. Assoc. Page 86
27/01/1973Energy And EnvironmentNorth Sea OilCentral Fife Cons. Assoc. Page 79
02/02/1973The Economy/IndustryStandards Of Living'Bromsgrove Cons. Assoc. Page 74
16/02/1973The Economy/IndustryVoluntary' Prices And Incomes PolicyBlackley (Manchester) Cons. Assoc. Page 66
23/02/1973The Economy/IndustryPrices And Incomes PolicyConservative Club, Nuneaton Page 62
25/02/1973The Economy/IndustryInflationNotts YCs, Retford Page 58
03/03/1973The Economy/IndustryThe Budget And InflationEast Cheshire YCs Annual Conference, Llandudno Page 55
10/03/1973The Economy/IndustryThe Price Of FoodSouthport CPC Page 49
23/03/1973The Economy/IndustryStrikesAnnual Glasgow Dinner of the Greenock Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 45
24/03/1973Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.The Managed Capitalist StateMotherwell & Hamilton Cons. Assoc. Page 40
07/04/1973Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationEast and South Brent Cons. Assoc. Page 34
13/04/1973The Economy/IndustryThe Morality Of The Profit Motive'N.E. Scotland Branch of the British Productivity Council Page 27
14/04/1973The Economy/IndustryWilson, And The Cause Of InflationPublic Meeting, Martello Camp. Walton-on-Naze, Essex Page 20
24/04/1973The European UnionE.E.C. And The NFUFed. of Young Farmers' Sections of Staffs NFU Page 15
28/04/1973Government and NationConservative Party And The Next ElectionChesterfield Cons. Assoc. Page 3
11/05/1973Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationInstitute Population Registration, Annual Conference, Hastings Page 93
12/05/1973The Economy/IndustryThe State Of BritainPublic Meeting, Brecon Page 82
15/05/1973The European UnionE.E.C.Road Haulage Assoc., London Page 75
23/05/1973The Economy/IndustryAspects Of 'Size'Small Business Assoc., London Page 67
01/06/1973Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationEddington Conservative Club Page 61
08/06/1973The European UnionE.E.C.Stockport Luncheon Club Page 56
13/06/1973The Economy/IndustryRule Of Law And Prices And Incomes PolicyInstitute of Directors, Birmingham Page 47
22/06/1973The Economy/Industry . The European Union.Freedom And AchievementCity of Manchester YCs and Cons. Students Page 37
23/06/1973Government and NationThe State And The FutureBarnet YCs Page 28
06/07/1973The Economy/IndustryEconomic FallaciesAbraham Barlow Memorial Lecture, Blackpool Page 19
07/07/1973The Economy/IndustryCounter Inflation And World PricesNewcastle-under-Lyme YCs Page 15
13/07/1973The European UnionE.E.C.Barrow and Dalton Cons. Assoc. Page 10
15/08/1973The Economy/IndustryInflationMerridale Cons. Ladies Page 6
18/08/1973The European UnionThe Price Of FoodPark Ward Cons. Garden Party, Wolverhampton Page 3
18/09/1973Northern IrelandUlsterLondonderry Imperial Unionist Assoc. Page 60
24/09/1973The Economy/IndustryHigh Rates Of InterestChislehurst Cons. Assoc. Page 54
25/09/1973The Economy/IndustryEqual Opportunity'Ilford Chamber of Trade and Commerce Page 49
29/09/1973Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationTottenham Cons. Assoc., Bruce Grove Ballroom Page 44
05/10/1973The Economy/IndustryLord RothschildBootle, Crosby and District Round Table, Liverpool Page 36
11/10/1973Government and NationConservative Party's Record And Its FutureFairhaven and Ansdell Branches, Fylde South Cons. Assoc. Page 27
11/10/1973The Economy/IndustryInfaltionConservative Party Conference, Blackpool Page 24
15/10/1973Energy And EnvironmentWorld PricesHornchurch Cons. Assoc. Page 19
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24/10/1973The Economy/IndustryAnglo-Canadian TradeCanada-United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, London Page 8
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29/11/1973Energy And EnvironmentMiners' DisputeContractor Luncheon Club, Hilton Hotel, London Page 57
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02/02/1974The Economy/IndustryThe Miners And The 'Domino Theory'New ham Cons. Assoc. Page 18
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25/02/1974The European UnionThe E.E.C.Public Meeting, Shipley Page 3
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06/04/1974The PressThe Free Press And The Heath Government and NationGuild of British Newspaper Editors, Chester Page 45
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09/05/1974Constitutional ReformDevolution And The U.K.Rhondda College of Further Education, Llwynypia Page 67
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22/05/1974Law and OrderRespect For The LawPrison Officers' Assoc. Annual Conference, Weston-super-Mare Page 48
31/05/1974The Economy/IndustryStable MoneyInternational Coin Exhibition, London Page 44
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10/06/1974The Economy/IndustryConcorde, Maplin And The Channel TunnelBirmingham and Midland Business Equipment Exhibition, Solihull Page 31
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30/07/1974The Economy/IndustryInflationIndustrial Forum, E.C.2, London Page 10
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30/10/1974The Economy/IndustryBuilding IndustrySociety of Builders Merchants, London Page 29
22/11/1974Government and NationHonesty In Politics?'Hillingdon YCs Conference Page 21
26/11/1974Religion and FaithGod Save The Queen'St Lawrence Jewry Page 13
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21/12/1974The Economy/IndustryInflationAGM, West Down Unionist Assoc. Page 3
06/01/1976Constitutional ReformNationhood - E.E.C. And Devolution - Version 2Brighton YCs, Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Page 65
06/01/1976Constitutional ReformNationhood - E.E.C. And Devolution - Version 1Brighton YCs, Pavilion Theatre, Brighton Page 57
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21/02/1975The Economy/IndustryEconomicsInstitute of Marketing, Coventry Page 24
22/02/1975The European UnionThe Referendum - What It Will DecideNational Referendum Campaign, St Emmanuel's Church Hall, N.7, London Page 19
27/02/1975Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationMonday Club Branches at Conservative House, Croydon Page 8
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26/05/1975The European UnionE.E.C. - Implications For UlsterPublic Meeting, Temperance Page 18
29/05/1975The European UnionE.E.C. - Ulster As A RegionPublic Meeting, Newtownards Page 14
30/05/1975The European UnionE.E.C. - Territorial WatersPublic Meeting, Arbroath Page 9
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31/10/1975Energy And EnvironmentU.K.'S Fishing GroundsAnnual Dinner, Chamber of Commerce, Kilkeel Page 11
12/11/1975Constitutional ReformDevolution'City Conservative Forum Page 5
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23/01/1976Religion and FaithPersonal FreedomWorth Abbey, Sussex Page 68
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06/02/1976Northern IrelandUlster - 'The Trap'South Down Unionist Assoc. Central Committee Page 57
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12/03/1976Constitutional Reform. Defence and Foreign Policy.SolzhenitsynPaisley Junior Chamber Page 26
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03/04/1976Northern IrelandIrish Republic - Citizenship/Ulster EmploymentUnionist Hall, Carryduff Page 18
09/04/1976The European UnionPersonal And Political FreedomPublic Meeting, Hampshire Monday Club, Southampton Page 12
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30/04/1976The Economy/IndustryExchange Rate And Wage LimitHull Junior Chamber of Commerce and Shipping Page 3
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28/05/1976Immigration and Social CohesionImmigration - The Unionist AimsMonday Club of Ulster, Armagh Page 61
29/05/1976The Economy/IndustryInterest RatesBangor District Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 58
03/06/1976The European UnionCod War And Direct ElectionsReferendum Press Conference, London Page 57
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15/06/1976The Economy/IndustryInflation - Pay PolicyBarking Chamber of Trade and Industry Page 48
22/06/1976Energy And EnvironmentEnergyNational Energy Conference, London Page 47
09/07/1976The Economy/IndustryThe Economy/Industry And The NationBromley Chamber of Commerce Page 42
31/07/1976The European UnionE.E.C. - Icelandic Fishing DisputeEast Down Unionist Assoc., Ardglass Page 37
04/08/1976Energy And EnvironmentNorth Sea OilControl and Automation Manufacturers' Assoc., Connaught Rooms Page 30
11/08/1976The European UnionE.E.C. - Direct ElectionsPublic Meeting, Eastbourne Page 25
10/09/1976The European UnionE.E.C. - Direct ElectionsPublic Meeting, Poole Page 18
16/09/1976Northern IrelandSouth Down Unionist CandidateSouth Down Unionist Assoc., Banbridge Page 11
30/09/1976Government and NationReasons For Leaving The Tory PartySouth Kensington YCs, Kensington Page 3
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02/10/1976The Economy/IndustryUnemploymentKirby and District Round Table Annual Dinner Page 52
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29/10/1976The European UnionE.E.C.Public Meeting, Gloucester Page 18
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29/11/1976The Economy/IndustryProductive And Non-Productive EmploymentInstitute of Petroleum, London Page 8
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06/01/1977Northern IrelandDevolution, Unionists And Parliament South Antrim Unionist Assoc. Page 92
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21/01/1977Law and OrderRace Relations ActStretford Young Conservatives, Civi Theatre, Stretford, Manchester Page 74
27/01/1977Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandSouth Down Assoc. Page 71
04/02/1977Constitutional ReformThe British NationDuncairn Unionist Hall, Belfast Page 67
12/02/1977The European UnionE.E.C. - Economic AspectsPublic Meeting, South Molton, Devon Page 61
26/02/1977Constitutional ReformHuman RightsSouth West London Monday Club Page 56
04/03/1977Northern IrelandUlster - House Of Commons RepresentationBourne Unionist Assoc., Newcastle Page 49
09/03/1977The Economy/IndustryFuture Of Building And Construction IndustryBuilders' Conference, London Page 43
11/03/1977The Economy/IndustryBritish LeylandMaidstone Chamber of Commerce Page 38
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13/05/1977Northern IrelandLocal Government and Nation Elections - UlsterPublic Meeting, Scarva Page 31
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22/06/1977The Economy/IndustryErhard MiracleHounslow Chamber of Commerce Page 11
09/09/1977The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation's Economic PoliciesWhitstable Round Table Page 6
12/09/1977Northern IrelandUlster Unionism - Effects Of Direct Elections And DevolutionCentral Armagh Unionist Assoc. Page 3
04/10/1977Law and OrderViolence - The Police And ArmyNOT DELIVERED, Bexleyheath Political Forum Page 54
08/10/1977The European UnionAgricultural Marketing Boards And E.E.C.Ulster Unionist Conference Page 52
11/10/1977The Economy/IndustryMoney' - Official ReservesB.I.M., Barnsley Page 48
12/10/1977The European UnionE.E.C. - Direct ElectionsPublic Meeting, Birmingham Page 42
14/10/1977Law and Order. Labour/Socialism/Trade Unions .Trade Union Law - Closed ShopHarrow Cons. Society Page 36
21/10/1977The Economy/IndustryInterest RatesEdinburgh Publicity Club Page 32
24/10/1977Constitutional ReformE.E.C. - Direct ElectionsPublic Meeting, Brighton Page 27
18/11/1977The Economy/IndustryInflation And WagesAssoc. of Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Bournemouth Page 23
21/11/1977The Economy/IndustryEconomics And Politics In 1978Watford Manufacturers Assoc. Page 19
25/11/1977Constitutional ReformDevolution And Parliamentary Government and NationBexhill Round Table Page 15
07/12/1977The Economy/Industry . Energy and Environment.Energy - Discovery Of OilAnnual Dinner of the Society of High Constables, Edinburgh Page 11
16/12/1977Education and LiteratureEducation - With Autobiographical ReferencesBecket's School, Nottingham Page 3
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05/01/1978Northern IrelandUlster Local Government and NationPublic Meeting, Newry Page 67
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16/01/1978Government and NationGovernment and NationSouth Kensington YCs, London Page 54
20/01/1978Energy And EnvironmentNorth Sea OilOxford University Cons Assoc. Page 51
27/01/1978Constitutional ReformVoters' Duty In ScotlandPublicity Club of Glasgow Page 48
28/01/1978Northern IrelandCommunicationsAGM, South Down Assoc. Page 42
04/02/1978Northern IrelandIrish CurrencySouth Belfast Assoc. Page 38
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18/02/1978Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationCoventry Management Club Page 26
28/02/1978The Economy/IndustryIndividualism And Free EnterpriseInstitute of Directors, Albert Hall Page 19
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07/04/1978The Economy/IndustryTrade With JapanBasingstoke Luncheon Club Page 3
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02/06/1978Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsTrade Union PowerEastbourne Parliamentary Club Page 45
03/06/1978The European UnionE.E.C. And The Approaching ElectionsPublic Meeting, Safeguard Britain Campaign, Westminster Page 36
10/06/1978Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationPublic Meeting, Billericay, Essex Page 30
21/07/1978The European UnionThe NationWiltshire Monday Club, Devizes Page 21
28/07/1978The Economy/IndustryInflation And UnemploymentThames Valley Branch, Institute of Directors Page 17
09/08/1978The European UnionBremen - EMSUxbridge Businessmen's Club Page 13
05/09/1978The Economy/IndustryThe Next Election - Economic IssuesWestminster Chamber of Commerce Page 7
06/09/1978The Economy/IndustryNo To Peugeot'Chelsea YCs Page 3
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05/10/1978The European UnionBritain's Humiliations And The E.E.C.Paddington YCs Page 66
10/10/1978The Economy/IndustryIncomes PolicyHounslow Round Table Page 59
12/10/1978The European UnionE.E.C. - Growing Hostility And The Next ElectionPublic Meeting, Southborough Page 52
21/10/1978Northern IrelandLocal And Devolved Government and Nation In UlsterUlster Unionist Party Conf., Belfast Page 47
23/10/1978The Economy/IndustryInflation And UnemploymentCardiff Business Club Page 42
25/10/1978The Economy/IndustryIncomes PolicyTransport Manager's Club, London Page 38
17/11/1978Government and NationGovernment and NationLiverpool Scotland Exchange Cons Assoc., Liverpool Page 32
24/11/1978Northern IrelandUlster And The Parliamentary UnionPublic Meeting, Warrenport Page 27
01/12/1978Energy And EnvironmentNorth Sea OilInstitute of Works Managers, Oldham Page 21
08/12/1978Constitutional ReformPrince Charles - His MarriageAGM, Mourne Unionist Assoc., Newcastle Page 17
09/12/1978Northern IrelandThe Orange OrderOrange Lodge 792, Moira Page 14
13/12/1978Religion and FaithBut Still It Moves'St Lawrence, Jewry Page 8
15/12/1978The European UnionE.E.C. Britain's Inevitable Departure And Failure Of EMSGreenwich Round Table Page 3
02/01/1979The Economy/IndustryInflationSociety of Valuers and Auctioneers, London Page 69
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26/01/1979The Economy/IndustryPrices And Income PolicyAGM, South Down Assoc. Page 51
16/02/1979Northern IrelandUnionist Parliamentary PartyPublic Meeting, Rathfriland Page 47
28/02/1979Constitutional ReformWales Bill- ReferendumPublic Meeting, Cardiff Page 38
09/03/1979The European UnionBritain's Condition And Loss Of ConfidenceNorth Devon Manufacturing Assoc., Bideford Page 33
16/03/1979Energy And EnvironmentEnergy Policy - Implication For UlsterInstitute of Energy (Northern Ireland Section) Page 29
17/03/1979Northern IrelandLocal Democracy For UlsterPublic Meeting, Newry Page 25
06/04/1979Health and the N.H.S.Opening Ceremony SpeechCentre for Hearing Impaired Children, Newry Page 23
18/04/1979Northern IrelandUlsterSouth Down Assoc. General Meeting Page 17
25/04/1979Northern IrelandTerrorismElection Meeting, Rathfriland Page 13
28/04/1979The European UnionE.E.C. And The ElectionPublic Meeting, Birmingham Page 3
30/04/1979Northern IrelandUlster's Place In WorldPublic Meeting, Kilkeel Page 41
01/06/1979Northern IrelandE.E.C. Assembly ElectionsParade at Drumadonnell, Ballyroney, Banbridge Page 39
23/06/1979Northern IrelandConsequence Of ElectionsMourne Fete Page 36
06/07/1979The Economy/IndustryExchange RatePharmaceutical Marketing Lunch, London Page 31
29/06/1979The Economy/IndustryCobden And Free TradeCobden Club Dinner, London Page 26
01/08/1979Energy And EnvironmentEnergy Policy - Gas Prices And DepletionRotary Club of London, Cafe Royal Page 20
03/08/1979Northern IrelandThe I.R.A.Dromore, Co. Down Page 18
15/08/1979Immigration and Social Cohesion. Law and Order.Law On NationalityBanstead YCs Page 8
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10/10/1979The Economy/IndustryFloating Exchange RateD.P. Club, Law Society Common Room, London Page 78
15/10/1979Northern IrelandBritain's VulnerabilityPersonality Dinner, Bramhope 41 Club, Bramhope, Leeds Page 73
17/10/1979Constitutional ReformPublic Relations - ParliamentBiss Lancaster Lunch, London Page 68
18/10/1979Northern IrelandUnionist DivisionPublic Meeting, Cookstown Page 65
19/10/1979The Economy/IndustryInflationUlster Society, Institute of Chartered Accountants Page 61
24/10/1979The Economy/IndustryThe Builders' ConferenceCafe Royal Page 50
28/10/1979The Economy/IndustryA Better Way'Marketing Society Annual Conference, London Page 42
09/11/1979The European UnionE.E.C.25th Anniversary, Forfar and District Round Table Page 36
23/11/1979Education and LiteratureThe Written WordBanbridge Academy Prize-giving Page 32
23/11/1979Northern IrelandAdvice For The PM On UlsterGarvaghy Branch South Down Unionist Assoc., Banbridge Page 28
30/11/1979The Economy/IndustryStrikes - Secret BallotShropshire Branch, B.I.M. Page 24
01/12/1979Constitutional ReformBreathalyserMiddlesex Magistrates' Assoc. Page 21
05/12/1979Memorial Speech/ToastsMemorial Service Betty Harvie AndersonSt Margaret's Church, Westminster Page 16
05/12/1979The Economy/IndustryExchange Rates & ControlsNational Dried Fruit Trade Assoc. Annual Dinner, London Page 7
08/12/1979Northern IrelandUlster - Constitutional ConferenceAGM, West Tyrone Unionist Assoc. Page 3
03/01/1980Northern IrelandGovernment and Nation's Ulster InitiativeDundonald Orange Lodge Page 75
14/01/1980Defence and Foreign PolicyDefencePublic Meeting, Lisburn Page 70
18/01/1980The Economy/IndustryThe Monetary Base'Institute of Directors, Northern Branch, Carlisle Page 59
19/01/1980Northern IrelandHistory Of Northern IrelandAll Saints Church, Cockermouth Page 54
25/01/1980Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland OfficeAGM, South Down Assoc., Kilkeel Page 50
26/01/1980Northern IrelandUnionismDonaghadee Branch, North Down Unionist Assoc., Donaghadee Page 46
01/02/1980Immigration and Social CohesionMinoritiesPublic Meeting, Antrim Page 42
06/02/1980The Economy/IndustryInflation And Cash LimitsBusinessmen's Lunch, Ware Page 38
08/02/1980The Economy/IndustryExchange RatesForex Association, London Page 33
14/03/1980The Economy/IndustryExchange RatesBasingstoke Luncheon Club Page 28
19/03/1980Energy And EnvironmentLand: The Role Of The StateConference: Humberts Page 15
21/03/1980The Economy/IndustryEconomic Dangers Facing The U.K.Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors Page 9
28/03/1980The Economy/IndustryEconomic Prospects For The CountryMilton Keynes City Forum Page 3
25/04/1980Northern IrelandUlster - DevolutionEglinton Unionist Assoc., Eglinton Orange Hall Page 70
16/05/1980Constitutional ReformHouse Of LordsLeicester Junior Chamber of Commerce Page 65
17/05/1980Constitutional Reform. Defence and Foreign Policy.Britain's Power And GreatnessYorkshire Monday Club, Leeds Page 60
24/05/1980The European UnionAuthorityCarlisle Club, Peterhouse Page 53
30/05/1980Northern IrelandUlster Unionist Party IntentionsOpening of New Lodge Room, Memorial Orange Hall, Loughbrickland Page 50
06/06/1980Northern IrelandUlster: The Years Of Change'University College of Wales, Aberystwyth Page 37
25/06/1980The Economy/IndustryInflationConference, Europa Hotel, London Page 32
09/07/1980Energy And EnvironmentEnergy - Oil PriceHeating and Ventilating Contractors' Assoc., London Page 27
11/07/1980Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationSurry Monday Club, Dorking Page 19
05/08/1980Defence and Foreign PolicyE.E.C. - Declaration On The Middle EastStoneleigh and Ewell YCs Page 10
30/08/1980The European UnionE.E.C. - The NationPublic Meeting, Bournemouth Page 3
05/09/1980The Economy/IndustryControl Of Public ExpenditureRIPA, Nottingham Page 77
17/09/1980Northern IrelandUlster Unionist PartyNorth Antrim Women's Unionist Assoc. Page 74
26/09/1980Northern IrelandUlster - The Foreign OfficeAGM, Princetown Branch, Bangor Unionist Assoc. Page 69
30/09/1980The European UnionE.E.C. - Nation Or NoTown Hall, Eastbourne Page 63
?/10/1980Northern IrelandStormont-With-Strings: The Foreign Office's Attack On UlsterUnknown Page 35
03/10/1980The Economy/IndustryInflation - Role Of Government and NationBeds Branch, Institute of printing Page 60
04/10/1980The Economy/IndustryFreedom - And The Closed ShopGreater London YCs Page 56
07/10/1980The Economy/IndustryInflation: Banking SystemInstitute of Bankers, Chelmsford Page 52
11/10/1980The European UnionE.E.C.South West Monday Club, Plymouth Page 45
14/10/1980The Economy/IndustryInflationSouth East Midlands Branch, Institute of Directors, Wicksteed Park, Kettering Page 41
17/10/1980Northern IrelandThe Economy/Industry (Northern Ireland)Ulster Unionist Conference, Omagh Page 33
20/10/1980Religion and FaithReply For The GuestsFeast of St Luke, Company of Painters and Stainers Page 31
24/10/1980The Economy/IndustryUnemploymentEast Down Unionist Assoc. Page 29
31/10/1980The Economy/IndustryExchange RatesMotor Agents Assoc., Lincoln Page 25
08/11/1980Law and OrderThe Rule Of LawLancaster Magistrates' Courts Committee, Lancaster Page 18
14/11/1980The Economy/IndustryInflationCompany Secretaries Review Conference, London Page 15
21/11/1980The Economy/IndustryBritain's Trade SurplusInsurance Branch Managers' Club, Belfast Page 12
05/12/1980Constitutional ReformPope's VisitEast Grinstead YCs Page 6
15/12/1980Government and Nation. The Press.Politicians And PressFleet Street Club, Connaught Rooms Page 3
03/01/1981Northern IrelandUlster - Political Status PrisonersAGM, East Down Assoc., Downpatrick Page 114
07/01/1981Energy And Environment. Northern Ireland.Ulster's Energy And Communications LinksPresbyterian Church Hall, Helen's Bay, Co. Down Page 111
08/01/1981Northern IrelandUlster - The UnionBrookeborough Hall, Belfast Page 105
14/01/1981Energy And Environment. Northern Ireland.Ulsters - Energy, Communications, InfrastructureWilson Memorial, Orange Lodge, Belfast Page 103
17/01/1981The European UnionE.E.C. - ‰ÛÏGoing It Alone‰ÛInstitute of Directors, Jersey Page 98
13/03/1981The Economy/IndustryInflation And Civil Servants' StrikeInstitute of Chartered Accountants, Plymouth Page 95
20/03/1981Immigration and Social CohesionBritish Nationality BillAberdeen Publicity Club Page 91
20/03/1981The Economy/IndustryBritain's Economic Transformations - Inflation And TradeInstitute of Directors, Scottish Branch, Dundee Page 85
27/03/1981The Economy/IndustryInflation, Monetarism And PSBRB.I.M. Leeds and Central Yorkshire Branch, Leeds Page 81
28/03/1981Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationAshton-under-Lyne YCs Page 72
03/04/1981The Economy/IndustryUnemployment And RecessionNational Assoc. of Estate Agents, Ware, Herts Page 67
11/04/1981Constitutional Reform. Defence and Foreign Policy.Sovereignty - European Court Of JusticeEast Kent Monday Club Page 62
23/04/1981Northern IrelandUlster Backbenchers 100 Years AgoCastlereagh Society Page 51
24/04/1981Government and NationMrs ThatcherSouthend East Cons Assoc. Page 46
25/04/1981The European UnionE.E.C. Fishery PolicyPublic Meeting, Great Yarmouth Page 41
02/05/1981Northern IrelandLocal Elections: Official Unionist PolicyPublic Meeting, Newry Page 39
08/05/1981Northern IrelandThe Dup - PaisleyBrookeborough Hall, Belfast Page 36
15/05/1981Northern IrelandLocal Election Campaign - PaisleyPublic Meeting, Drumbo, Co. Down Page 32
12/06/1981Northern IrelandBand Inauguration And DedicationBallymacormick Accordion Band, Dromore, Co. Down Page 30
28/06/1981Religion and FaithMathew 6.34Malvern College Chapel Page 22
09/07/1981The Economy/IndustryCapital Spending And Trading Pattern (Alt.)British Construction Steelwork Assoc. London Page 18
09/07/1981The Economy/IndustryCapital Spending And Trading PatternBritish Construction Steelwork Assoc. London Page 14
24/07/1981Memorial Speech/ToastsCentenary Toast To George BarrowReform Club Page 10
31/07/1981The European UnionE.E.C. - Fisheries: Influence Of F.O.Public Meeting, Penzance Page 3
07/08/1981Northern IrelandBy-Election: The UnionSouth Down Unionists, Newcastle Page 102
18/09/1981Constitutional ReformThe NationBlackpool North Round Table, Blackpool Page 97
24/09/1981Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationCobham YCs Page 92
30/09/1981The European UnionThe E.E.C.Public Meeting, Gloucester Page 86
06/10/1981The Economy/IndustryUnemployment And Economical ChangeSKAL Club, Birmingham Page 82
10/10/1981Northern IrelandUlster: The Scottish DimensionWest of Scotland YCs Page 74
12/10/1981The Economy/IndustryInflationBritish Institute of management, Queen's Hotel, Farnborough Page 69
14/10/1981The European UnionE.E.C.Conservative European Reform Group, Blackpool Page 65
17/10/1981Education and LiteratureGeorge BarrowCheltenham Literary Festival Page 54
23/10/1981The Economy/IndustryInflationUlster Unionist Annual Conference Page 53
30/10/1981The European UnionThe NationThurrock Cons. Assoc. Page 47
03/11/1981The Economy/IndustryUnemployment And InflationInstitute of Directors, Sandown Park Racecourse, Asher Page 42
06/11/1981The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation And EnterpriseHasting Celebrity Lecture, Ulster Polytechnic Page 39
07/11/1981Immigration and Social CohesionVoluntary Repatriation - A Practical ConceptHavering Borough YCs Page 31
13/11/1981The Economy/IndustryProductivityMotor Agents Assoc., Portsmouth Page 27
16/11/1981Northern IrelandEulogyTribute To The Reverend Robert Bradford, House of Commons Page 25
20/11/1981Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Ulster, Foreign Office, And Nov. 6South Down Unionist Assoc., Banbridge Page 22
05/12/1981Northern IrelandAnglo-Irish Talks And HistoryAGM, Coleraine Assoc., Londonderry Page 13
11/12/1981The Economy/IndustryPSBRInstitute of Directors, West Yorkshire Area Branch, Harrogate Page 8
18/12/1981Constitutional ReformThe Authority Of ParliamentKingswood Cons. Assoc., Bristol Page 3
06/01/1982Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland - Internal Threats To UnionismPublic Meeting, North Down Page 74
07/01/1982Defence and Foreign PolicyPolandPublic Meeting, Newcastle, Co. Down Page 70
09/01/1982Northern IrelandUlster - DevolutionAGM, East Down Unionist Assoc. Page 65
15/01/1982The Economy/IndustryBalance Of Payments: 'U.K. Ltd'Institute of Internal Auditors, Stationers Hall, London Page 60
05/02/1982Education and LiteratureSchool OpeningDonard School for the Mentally Handicapped, Banbridge Page 58
19/02/1982The European UnionFreedom - Collective And IndividualSociety of Old Friends, London Page 54
27/02/1982The European UnionE.E.C.Public Meeting, Westminster Page 46
13/03/1982Constitutional Reform. Defence and Foreign Policy.European Convention Of Human RightsIlford South Cons Assoc. Page 42
26/03/1982The Economy/IndustryGovernment and Nation BorrowingAnnual Dinner, Concrete Society, Manchester Page 38
27/03/1982Northern IrelandUlster - Sinister CausationGLYC Conf., Essex Page 34
31/03/1982Memorial Speech/ToastsAddress - Ronal BellSt Margaret's, Westminster Page 28
02/04/1982Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Ulster - American State DepartmentPublicity Club, Glasgow Page 23
03/04/1982The European UnionE.E.C.Newham North East Cons Assoc. Page 20
07/05/1982Defence and Foreign PolicyFalkland IslandsLongton and District Round Table, Stoke Page 16
08/05/1982Immigration and Social CohesionEthnic Population - Department Of RepatriationMonday Club Conference, Westminster Page 8
21/05/1982The European UnionE.E.C.Institute of Directors, Midlands Branch, Birmingham Page 3
08/06/1982The Economy/Industry"What Is A Recession After All"City Branch, Institute of Directors, London Page 41
11/06/1982Defence and Foreign PolicyUnited NationsOxford University Monday Club Page 38
18/06/1982Immigration and Social Cohesion. Defence and Foreign Policy.Post Falklands - British NationalityWest Thanet YCs, Margate Page 34
09/07/1982Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Assembly BillCons. Club, Chesterfield Page 29
16/07/1982Northern IrelandUlster - Land FrontierBedfordshire YCs, Luton Page 24
10/08/1982Northern IrelandUlster - Commitment To Consult DublinDelegate Meeting, South Down Unionist Assoc., Newcastle, Co. Down Page 20
09/09/1982The Economy/IndustryBritain's New Economic StrengthStevenage YCs Page 16
18/09/1982Northern IrelandUlster - The AssemblyTown Hall, Coleraine, Co Londonderry Page 14
20/09/1982Government and NationLeadershipBallymena Junior Chamber Page 12
25/09/1982Northern Ireland. The Press.The Press And Ulster/AbbottYoung Newspapermen Assoc., Belfast Page 8
29/09/1982The Economy/IndustryTrade, Investment And Balance Of PaymentNorth Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce, Stoke Page 3
01/10/1982Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Ulster - Anglo American PolicyBarry Cons. Assoc. Page 83
05/10/1982Immigration and Social CohesionRepatriation: A Conservative AlternativeLondon Swinton Circle, Tory Conference, Brighton Page 76
06/10/1982Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Britain And AmericaMonday Club, Epsom Page 65
07/10/1982Government and NationElective Local Government and NationRating and Valuation Assoc., Bournemouth Page 60
11/10/1982Northern IrelandAssemblyElection Meeting, Dromar Page 57
15/10/1982The Economy/IndustryInflationPlymouth Chamber of Commerce Page 53
16/10/1982Immigration and Social Cohesion. Northern Ireland.Europe, Immigration And UlsterCPC, Saltash, Cornwall Page 49
22/10/1982Government and NationSir Robert PeelAnnual Dinner, Peel Society, Lichfield Page 45
29/10/1982Defence and Foreign PolicyNuclear DebateBrunel Discourse of the Great Western Branch of the Faculty of Building, Bristol Page 37
06/11/1982Northern IrelandUnionist Party DivisionsEast Down Unionist Assoc., Saintfield Page 33
12/11/1982Defence and Foreign PolicyUnited NationsNewham North West YCs Page 28
19/11/1982The Economy/IndustryInflationWorcester and Hereford Chamber of Commerce and Industry Page 24
03/12/1982The Economy/IndustryCompetitivenessTelford and Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, Salop Page 21
04/12/1982The European UnionE.E.C.Public Meeting, Anti-Common Market League, London Page 17
10/12/1982Law and OrderHuman RightsEnglish-Speaking Union Chester Lecture, Chester Cathedral Page 3
08/01/1983Northern IrelandThe Assembly - Threats To The UnionAGM, East Down Divisional Unionist Assoc., Downpatrick Page 76
21/01/1983The Economy/IndustryExport SurplusSouth East Motor Agents Assoc., Balham Page 72
28/01/1983Religion and FaithNew TestamentOxford University Literary Society Page 64
04/02/1983Defence and Foreign PolicyUnited Nations And The FalklandsNorth Hants Cons. Assoc., Aldershot Page 59
18/02/1983The Economy/IndustryInternational DeptMarlow Cons. Supper Club Page 54
26/02/1983Defence and Foreign PolicyThe LebanonSouthend Cons. Assoc. Dinner Page 48
04/03/1983Northern IrelandUlster - The UnionCo. Down Page 45
11/03/1983The Economy/IndustryNorth Sea Oil - Economic ImpactInstitute of Bankers, Newport Page 41
18/03/1983The Economy/Industry . Energy and EnvironmentU.K. EconomyAssoc. of management Studies, Teeside Page 33
22/03/1983Education and LiteratureDuke Of NorfolkFoyle's Literary Luncheon, Norfolk Page 27
22/03/1983Education and Literature (Alt.)Duke Of NorfolkFoyle's Literary Luncheon, Norfolk Page 30
25/03/1983The Economy/IndustryInternational Monetary SystemAshridge College Assoc. Dinner Page 22
13/05/1983Northern IrelandUlster - Northern Ireland OfficeNorth Antrim Ulster Unionist Assoc. Page 17
28/05/1983Northern IrelandUlster - Effects Of E.E.C. MembershipPublic Meeting, Saintfield Page 10
31/05/1983Defence and Foreign PolicyNuclear WeaponsElection Meeting, Downpatrick Page 3
02/06/1983Defence and Foreign PolicyNuclear Weapons And Defence: The American InfluenceElection Meeting, Killyleagh, Co. Down Page 73
04/06/1983The European UnionE.E.C.British Anti-Common Market Campaign, London Page 67
06/06/1983Northern IrelandThe UnionElection Meeting, Dromore, Co. Down Page 65
17/06/1983Northern IrelandIan PaisleyCentral Committee, South Down Unionist Assoc., Saintfield, County Down Page 63
22/07/1983Religion and FaithGod LaughingSt Albans Centre for Christian Studies Page 57
02/09/1983The European UnionE.E.C.British Anti-Common Market Campaign, Eastbourne Page 51
14/09/1983Northern IrelandUlster - Local Government and NationSouth Down Unionist Assoc., Dromore, Co. Down Page 48
16/09/1983Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Foreign PolicyCarhampton Branch, Bridgewater Cons. Assoc., Dunster Page 43
17/09/1983Northern IrelandBritish Policy In UlsterGlasgow Assoc. of the Ulster Society, Glasgow Page 37
02/10/1983Constitutional ReformJustice And FreedomBritish Legal Assoc., Oxford Page 31
03/10/1983Defence and Foreign PolicyLebanonLuton 100 Club Page 27
07/10/1983Defence and Foreign PolicyInternational UnderstandingRotary International District Conference, Torquay Page 22
11/10/1983Northern IrelandBritish Policy In UlsterSalisbury Group, Blackpool Page 15
22/10/1983The Economy/IndustryUnemploymentMerseyside Assoc. of Local Councils Page 10
28/10/1983Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland OfficeAGM, South Tyrone Division of the Fermanagh and South Tyrone Unionist Assoc., Dungannon, Co. Tyrone Page 6
29/10/1983Energy And EnvironmentIsle Of Man FishingEast Down Division of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Ballynahinch, South Down Page 3
08/11/1983The Economy/IndustryInternational Banking CrisisLondon International Capital Markets Conference, London Page 74
02/12/1983The Economy/Industry . Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.British Foreign Policy - USA InfluenceStrathclyde University Cons Assoc., Glasgow Page 70
02/12/1983The Economy/IndustryBritain's CompetitivenessEngineering Industries Assoc., Glasgow Page 66
07/01/1984Northern IrelandI.R.A. Objectives And MethodsAGM, East Down Unionist Assoc., Downpatrick Page 61
13/01/1984Government and Nation. The Economy/Industry.UntitledSandwell Assoc. of Industry and Commerce Ltd, West Bromwich Page 58
20/01/1984Government and Nation/Constitutional Reform.UntitledLeicester Junior Chamber, Leicester Page 55
01/02/1984The Economy/IndustryUntitledMeet the Industry' Lunch, National Assoc. of Shopfitters, London Page 52
17/02/1984Immigration and Social CohesionUntitledNottingham University Cons Assoc. Page 46
09/03/1984Energy And EnvironmentThe Gulf And Oil SuppliesWarwick University Cons. Assoc. Page 42
17/03/1984The Economy/IndustryUnemployment: Paradox And OpportunityScottish Institute of Personnel Management Page 36
30/03/1984Northern IrelandUlsterCentral Committee, South Down Unionist Assoc. Page 33
13/04/1984The Economy/IndustryThe ProfessionsSociety of Chartered Accountants, Wolverhampton Page 29
27/04/1984Energy And EnvironmentArchbishop Of York And The MinersCambridge University Cons Assoc. Page 25
?/05/1984Memorial Speech/ToastsFulke WarwickMemorial Service Page 17
04/05/1984Defence and Foreign PolicySt. James's Square - Murder Of PolicewomanSouth West Leicestershire Cons Assoc. Page 22
18/05/1984The Economy/IndustryExchange Rates (And Dairy Farmers)Management Development Group, Leeds Page 13
26/05/1984Northern IrelandIrish Republic ComplicitySouth Down Unionist Assoc., Ballynahinch Page 11
29/05/1984The European UnionE.E.C.European Assemble Election, Newcastle, Co. Down Page 8
?/5/1984Religion and FaithActs 17.10-11Unknown Page 3
08/06/1984Defence and Foreign PolicyNuclear Weapons - Defence PolicyOxford University Cons Assoc., Oxford Union Society, Oxford Page 71
04/08/1984Northern IrelandAnglo-Irish Parliamentary TierMourne Divisional Assoc. Page 69
21/09/1984Energy And EnvironmentMiners' StrikeBury and District Industrial Society Page 64
27/09/1984Northern IrelandAnglo-Irish Parliamentary TierYoung Unionists, Newcastle, Co. Down Page 61
28/09/1984Immigration and Social CohesionNationalityClwyd South West CPC, Denbigh Page 57
02/10/1984Defence and Foreign PolicyThe BelgranoStoneleigh and Ewell YCs Page 53
05/10/1984Immigration and Social CohesionRaceAldridge-Brownmills Conservative 100 Club Page 47
09/10/1984Education and LiteratureEducation And The ClassicsWarwick School, Speech Day Page 44
10/10/1984The European UnionE.E.C.Cheam YCs Page 39
11/10/1984Northern IrelandUlster - The U.K. On TrialUppingham School Quarter Centenary Page 29
19/10/1984The Economy/IndustryFloating å£SIE, British Institute of Management, Chislehurst Page 25
03/11/1984Northern IrelandAnglo-Irish Parliamentary TierArdglass-Stranford South Down Unionist Assoc., Dunsfort Page 22
05/11/1984Defence and Foreign PolicyNato - General RogersHove Rotary Club Page 18
09/11/1984Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationBlackley Cons. Assoc., Chadderton, Manchester Page 13
09/11/1984Northern IrelandUlster - Happy Turning PointSouth Down Unionists Annual Dinner Page 11
30/11/1984Northern IrelandDirect RuleAGM, Warrenpoint, South Down Unionist Assoc. Page 6
20/12/1984Education and LiteratureEducational Heresy - BarbarismAnnual Doctor's Dinner of the Merchant Taylor's Company of London, London Page 3
02/01/1985The Economy/IndustryAgricultureAGM, Dorset N.F.U., Kingston Maurward, Dorchester Page 91
04/01/1985Northern IrelandUlster - USA Defence NeedsUlster Young Unionists, Markethill, Co. Antrim Page 89
04/01/1985Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Ulster - USA Defence Needs (Alt.)Ulster Young Unionists, Markethill, Co. Antrim Page 87
25/01/1985Northern IrelandUlster UnionismAGM, South Down Unionist Assoc. Page 85
15/02/1985Energy And EnvironmentMining DisputeInstitute of Bankers, Southampton Page 81
22/02/1985Education and LiteratureHebrew Or Greek? The Puzzle Of The Good Samaritan (Alt.)Durham University Lightfoot Society Page 74
22/02/1985Education and LiteratureHebrew Or Greek? The Puzzle Of The Good SamaritanDurham University Lightfoot Society Page 67
?/?/1985Religion and FaithMatthew 24.15 Page 62
02/03/1985Northern IrelandUlster - Absent Voting And NIOAGM, Crossgar and Derryboye Branch of the Kilmore Branch of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Kilmore, Co. Down Page 59
08/03/1985The Economy/IndustryTowards A Perfect Industrial Society'Tayside Assoc. of Professional Institutes, Dundee Page 53
09/03/1985Immigration and Social CohesionRaceCambridge University Cons Assoc. Page 49
15/03/1985Energy And EnvironmentAgricultural PolicyRoyal Agricultural Benevolent Institute, Lincoln Page 45
29/03/1985Northern IrelandUlster - Beginning Of HillsboroughUpper Bann Unionist Assoc., North Lurgan Page 42
19/04/1985Government and NationWho Governs Britain' - Role Of Civil ServiceWitney Cons. Assoc., Woodstock, Oxfordshire Page 36
27/04/1985Northern IrelandLocal Elections And Anglo-Irish CouncilEast Down Division of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Downpatrick Page 32
03/05/1985Constitutional ReformParliamentary Democracy And MinoritiesWansdyke Cons. Assoc. Page 27
11/05/1985Defence and Foreign PolicyE.E.C. And The United StatesBritish Anti-Common Market Campaign, Westminster Page 21
18/05/1985Education and LiteratureBirminghamCentenary Dinner of Edgbaston Old Church, King Edward's School, Birmingham Page 17
28/06/1985The Economy/IndustryInflationConservative Political Supper Club, Wells Page 13
?/?/1985BirminghamThe Edgbastonian Page 5
06/07/1985Northern IrelandTerrorism And The Irish RepublicInch Memorial Hall, Downpatrick Page 3
03/08/1985Northern IrelandIrish Republic Role In The Warnock ReportMourne Divisional Unionist Assoc., Kilkeel Page 74
20/09/1985Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationBirkenhead Cons Women's Lunch Page 66
21/09/1985Northern IrelandUlsterHants & Dorset Monday Club Page 63
25/09/1985The Economy/Industry . Defence and Foreign Policy.Aid To The Third WorldRossendale Industrial Society Page 59
03/10/1985Defence and Foreign PolicyInternal Affairs Of Foreign NationsChurchill Club of Conwy Page 55
11/10/1985Northern IrelandIrish Republic NegotiationsBallymoney & Moyle Unionist Assoc., Ballymoney, Co. Antrim Page 52
18/10/1985Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.American Factor In British PolicyAnnual Conference of Rotary District 113, Eastbourne Page 45
20/10/1985Religion and FaithJob 19.26Great St Mary's, Cambridge Page 41
20/10/1985Immigration and Social Cohesion. Law and Order.Law Reform - Voluntary RepatriationCambridge University Cons Assoc. Page 35
22/10/1985Religion and FaithRomans 3.3St Margarets Pattens, London Page 30
25/10/1985Northern IrelandDeal With Republic - If It HappensBelfast Young Unionists Confernec Page 27
01/11/1985Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationMonday Club Annual Dinner, London Page 23
02/11/1985Constitutional ReformBad Law - ConfiscationOxford University Cons. Assoc. Page 19
04/11/1985Defence and Foreign PolicyChannel TunnelReading Chamber of Commerce and Trade Page 15
12/11/1985Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Mrs Thatcher, Ulster And The USA1900 Club, Carlton Club Page 12
30/11/1985Northern IrelandHillsboroughAGM Coleraine Divisional Unionist Assoc., Coleraine Page 7
06/12/1985Northern IrelandAnglo-Irish AgreementUnionist Rally, Dundrum Page 3
03/01/1986Energy And EnvironmentAgriculture In PoliticsRoyal Agricultural College, Cirencester Page 87
06/01/1986Northern IrelandUlster - Dup And Power-SharingSouth Down Unionist Assoc. Delegates Meeting, Newcastle, Co. Down Page 84
17/01/1986Northern IrelandWestland And HillsboroughElection Meeting, Newcastle, Co. Down Page 81
18/01/1986Northern IrelandUlsterElection meeting, Ballynahinch Page 77
09/02/1986Religion and FaithLuke 23.43Christ's Hospital, Horsham Page 70
21/02/1986The Economy/Industry . Energy and EnvironmentOil And Exchange RatesGrimsby and Immingham Chamber of Commerce and Shipping, Grimsby Page 66
28/02/1986Constitutional ReformParliament And WalesSt David's Day Dinner, London Page 62
07/03/1986Northern IrelandUlsterUnionist Assoc., Queen's University, Belfast Page 59
14/03/1986The Economy/IndustryCompetitiveness - Exchange RatesB.I.M. Swindon Page 55
21/03/1986Constitutional ReformNationhood And DemocracyCardiff Business Club, Cardiff Page 50
26/03/1986Religion and FaithCurrent State Of FaithSt Lawrence Jewry Page 45
28/03/1986Defence and Foreign PolicyUs Attack On LibyaNorth Down Young Unionists, Bangor Page 42
02/04/1986Northern IrelandUlster - Hillsborough AgreementGilnakirk and Dundonald Ulster Unionists Branch, Dundonald Page 40
05/04/1986The Economy/IndustryPrivatisationKirk-Dale Venture Conference, Kirklees Page 36
07/04/1986Memorial Speech/ToastsAddress At The Funeral Of H A FreethChiswick Page 32
07/04/1986Memorial Speech/ToastsAddress At The Funeral Of H A Freeth (Alt.)Chiswick Page 28
19/04/1986Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.U.S.A. Influence - UlsterPublic Meeting, Dromore Page 25
22/04/1986Constitutional ReformEngland And St George' - ToastRoyal Society of St George, Guildhall Page 21
30/04/1986Memorial Speech/ToastsAddress At The Memorial Service Of Sir Iain StewartSt Pauls, Knightsbridge Page 16
02/05/1986The Economy/IndustryIndustrial Decline'Institute of Industrial Managers, Bucks & Berks Branch, Maidenhead Page 12
10/05/1986Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland OfficeWest Tyrone Unionist Assoc., Omagh Page 9
18/05/1986Religion and FaithMathew 18.7Castle Rising, Norfolk Page 6
31/05/1986Northern IrelandUlsterSpa & Dunmore Unionist Assoc., Ballynahinch Page 3
13/06/1986Northern IrelandThe Assembly's DemiseBallynahinch Branch of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Ballynahinch, Co. Down Page 88
27/06/1986Northern IrelandUlster And ParliamentCentral Committee, South Down Unionist Assoc., Crossgar, Downpatrick, Co. Down Page 84
01/08/1986Immigration and Social Cohesion‰ÛÏWho Are We‰Û - ImmigrationHorsham 1982 Dinning Club Page 79
02/08/1986Northern IrelandUlsterNOT DELIVERED, Ulster Unionist Centennial, Kilkeel Page 76
04/09/1986Religion and FaithLoaves And FishesClassical Association Page 70
25/09/1986Northern IrelandAnglo-Irish AgreementWest Down Young Unionists Page 67
29/09/1986The Economy/IndustryInternational Monetary SystemLondon Forex Assoc.'s International Junior Seminar on Foreign Exchange, London Page 61
08/10/1986Constitutional ReformConfiscation Of Assets On ConvictionCons. Assoc. of the University College Cardiff and of UWIST Page 57
08/10/1986The Economy/IndustryRates And Local Government and NationSouth Wales Branch of the Rating and Valuation Association, Cardiff Page 53
10/10/1986Northern IrelandTerrorism And The Anglo-Irish AgreementRuislip & Northwood YCs Page 49
11/10/1986Constitutional ReformHuman RightsMid. and North East Essex Monday Club, Chelmsford Page 45
14/10/1986Immigration and Social CohesionCivil Service Commission - Questionnaire (Race)Beverly and Cottingham YCs Page 41
17/10/1986Constitutional ReformNatural JusticeBristol University Cons. Assoc. Page 37
18/10/1986Northern IrelandUlsterWest Midlands Area Federation of Cons Students, Birmingham Page 32
23/10/1986Constitutional Reform. Northern Ireland.Anglo-Irish Agreement: Parliamentary ScrutinyPublic Meeting, Carnew Page 28
24/10/1986Northern IrelandUlsterKnock Branch of the East Belfast Ulster Unionist Assoc., Belfast Page 24
01/11/1986Education and Literature. The Economy/Industry .University Education - FinancingOxford University Monday Club Page 20
10/11/1986Northern IrelandGovernment and Nation TreacheryMourne Park Branch of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Newry Page 16
15/11/1986The Economy/Industry . Defence and Foreign Policy.Foreign AidLlandeilo Rotary Club Page 12
21/11/1986Immigration and Social CohesionLaw Society 'Racial' CensusNewham North West Cons Assoc. Page 8
28/11/1986Northern Ireland. Defence and Foreign Policy.Britain's World Role And UlsterStrangford and Ardglass Branches of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Ballycutler, Downpatrick Page 3
03/01/1987Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Police AuthoritySouth Down Unionist Assoc., Downpatrick Page 72
08/01/1987Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandSouth West Down Division of the South Down Unionist Assoc., Tanvalley Page 69
09/01/1987Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland (Jezebel)East Antrim Ulster Unionist Assoc., Carrickfergus Page 66
17/01/1987Northern IrelandPetition To The QueenPetition Signing, Downpatrick Page 63
23/01/1987Northern IrelandUlsterSouth Down Unionist Assoc., Newcastle, Co. Down Page 59
28/01/1987Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationRotary Club, Pimlico, London Page 55
31/01/1987Constitutional ReformCharles, King And MartyrSt Martins in the Field, London Page 51
06/02/1987Northern IrelandUlster: Legal PredicamentQueen's Law Society, Belfast Page 47
13/02/1987The Economy/IndustryBalance Of PaymentsCeredigion and Pembroke North Cons Assoc., Llandysul, Page 43
23/02/1987Northern IrelandAdoption MeetingSouth Down Unionist Assoc., Newcastle, Co. Down Page 38
14/03/1987The European UnionOld Nortonians 75 AnniversaryOpening of Kings Norton School, Birmingham Page 35
20/03/1987Northern IrelandBusinessmen, UlsterUlster Unionist H.Q., Belfast Page 33
23/04/1987Constitutional ReformSt George's DaySt George's Day Dinner, Sheerness Cons Club Page 29
01/05/1987The Economy/IndustryTrade With JapanB.I.M., High Wycombe Page 24
09/05/1987Northern Ireland‰ÛÏThe Capitulation Boys‰ÛNewry and Armagh Young Unionists, Markethill, Co. Armagh Page 20
06/06/1987Northern IrelandElection RallyBallynahinch Page 18
07/06/1987Defence and Foreign PolicyThe Nuclear DeterrentOverseas League, London Page 13
07/06/1987Defence and Foreign PolicyThe Nuclear Deterrent (Alt.)Overseas League, London Page 7
09/06/1987Northern IrelandElection Rally 'An Alternative'Rathfriland Page 5
09/06/1987Northern IrelandElection Rally 'An Alternative' (Alt.)Rathfriland Page 3
31/07/1987Northern IrelandSDUA CelebrationSouth Down Unionist Assoc., Newcastle, Co. Down Page 68
01/08/1987Northern IrelandUlster QuislingsAnnual Fete of the Mourne Unionist Divisional Assoc., Kilkeel Page 66
11/09/1987Northern IrelandTalking 'Twaddle': UlsterAGM, Limavady Young Unionists, Limavady Page 62
21/09/1987Defence and Foreign PolicyKeep Out Of The GulfOverseas Discussion Circle, London Page 58
08/10/1987The European UnionE.E.C.Conservative European Reform Group, Blackpool Page 52
10/10/1987Defence and Foreign PolicyInterventionRotary International District 107 Annual Conference, Scarborough Page 46
12/10/1987Constitutional ReformDeath Of BritainDinner of the Salisbury Group, Hatfield House Page 40
16/10/1987Education and LiteratureDecision On Best BiographyNelson Hurst and Marsh Biography Award, Arts Club, London Page 35
24/11/1987Education and LiteratureThe Housman LectureCobham House, Bromsgrove Page 28
01/11/1987Religion and FaithSermonSt Anselm's, Hatch End, Harrow Page 24
17/11/1987Health and the N.H.S.The N.H.S.R. Coll: G.P., London Page 22
29/11/1987Religion and FaithSermonChrist's Hospital, Horsham Page 15
02/12/1987Defence and Foreign PolicyForeign Affairs And DefenceOverseas Women's Club, London Page 19
18/12/1987The Economy/IndustryThe Housing SceneNorthern Consortium of Housing Authorities, Chester-le-Street Page 9
18/12/1987Education and LiteratureThe Core CurriculumNewcastle Philosophical Society, Newcastle upon Tyne Page 3
05/01/1988Northern IrelandJoseph Chamberlain And The UnionUlster Society, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim Page 71
06/01/1988Defence and Foreign PolicyMap Of Europe RedrawnBallymoney and Moyle Unionist Assoc., Ballymoney Page 66
10/01/1988Religion and FaithArchbishop LaudCrick Parish Council, Northants Page 61
21/01/1988Northern IrelandUlster And ‰ÛÏTalks"Dunmurry Branch of the Lagan Valley Unionist Assoc., Lagan Valley, Dunmurry Page 56
17/02/1988The Economy/Industry . Defence and Foreign Policy.International InterferenceAssociation of Engineering Distributors, Birmingham Page 51
04/03/1988Constitutional ReformNationSt David's Society of Portugal, Lisbon Page 47
16/03/1988Religion and FaithDivorce And The ChurchGilmorton Church, Evensong, Leicestershire Page 43
18/03/1988Labour/Socialism/Trade UnionsFailure Of OppositionAldrigde-Brownhills Conservative 100 Club, Aldridge Page 38
21/03/1988Defence and Foreign PolicyDefence Planning3 (Armed) Div. Officers Club Page 34
23/03/1988Education and LiteratureWhy Classics?Lincolnshire Assoc. of Classics Teachers, Sleaford Page 29
24/03/1988Law and OrderThe Sharpeville SixChurchdown Round Table, Cheltenham Page 25
26/03/1988The Economy/IndustryThe 'Poll Tax'Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy, St Andrews, Fife Page 20
21/04/1988Constitutional ReformA Parliamentary People (Alt.)St George's Dinner, Honourable Artillery Company Dinner Page 16
21/04/1988Constitutional ReformA Parliamentary PeopleSt George's Dinner, Honourable Artillery Company Dinner Page 12
22/04/1988Constitutional ReformThe EnglishRoyal Society of St George, Birmingham Page 9
27/04/1988Education and LiteratureThe Emperor Zheng And The Golden BoughThe Leather Lecture, Repton School Page 3
04/05/1988Health and the N.H.S.The NHS & StatisticsGeorge Elliot Annual Lecture, Nuneaton Page 50
06/05/1988Education and LiteratureEducationNorthumberland County Council Education Conference Page 41
20/05/1988The European Union. Defence and Foreign Policy.Lack Of Candour In Government and NationMonday Club, Bristol Page 35
25/05/1988Education and LiteratureSamuel PepysPepys Commemoration at St Olave, London Page 30
26/05/1988The Economy/IndustryExchange And Interest RatesRotary Club, Ilkey Page 26
28/05/1988Constitutional ReformWomen PriestsEmmanuel Church, Hampstead Page 23
31/05/1988Religion and FaithThe Manor And The ChurchManorial Society Dinner, East India Club Page 20
03/06/1988Northern IrelandPolitical ResponsibilityEastbourne Parliamentary Club, Eastbourne Page 16
25/06/1988Northern IrelandUlster: No DiscriminationSouth Down Unionist Assoc. Central Committee, Newcastle, Co. Down Page 13
29/06/1988The Economy/IndustryEconomic NonsenseEconomic Research Council, London Page 7
09/07/1988Education and LiteratureSpeech DayBenenden School Page 3
15/09/1988Immigration and Social CohesionPatience In PoliticsWolverhampton South West Cons. Assoc. Page 64
16/09/1988Energy And EnvironmentBuilding And PeopleFaculty of Building Annual Lecture Dinner, Sheffield Page 59
26/09/1988The European UnionPortents In PoliticsEurofacts Group, Halifax Page 54
29/09/1988Education and LiteratureTolstoyHarrow School Page 49
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0?/03/1991UntitledUnknown Page 3
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27/01/1964Education and LiteratureEducationHansard
30/07/1964Constitutional ReformVestures of MinistersHansard
13/11/1964The Economy/IndustrySevern BridgeHansard
19/05/1965The Economy/IndustryFinance Bill, Vehicles Excise DutyHansard
22/07/1965The Economy/IndustryLondon Commuter Transport ServicesHansard
03/08/1965The Economy/IndustryRoadsHansard
18/11/1965The Economy/IndustryPension (Increase) BillHansard
26/04/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyForeign Affairs And DefenceHansard
10/05/1966Defence and Foreign PolicyReserve Forces BillHansard
11/05/1966Defence and Foreign Policy. The Economy/Industry .Conduct Of The Minister Of AviationHansard
31/10/1966Government and NationConduct Of The Home SecretaryHansard
11/11/1969Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationHansard
17/12/1969The Economy/IndustryPrices And InomesHansard
25/02/1970The European UnionEEC - White PaperHansard
04/03/1970Defence and Foreign PolicyDefenceHansard
07/04/1970Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandHansard
20/04/1970The Economy/IndustryBudgetHansard
05/05/1970Defence and Foreign PolicyVietnamHansard
09/11/1970Defence and Foreign PolicyRhodesiaHansard
10/11/1970The Economy/IndustryFamily Income Supplement BillHansard
16/11/1970The Economy/IndustryCars - Driving Instruction RegulationsHansard
20/11/1970The Economy/IndustryInfaltionHansard
25/11/1970Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationHansard
18/01/1971The Economy/IndustryIndustrial Relations BillHansard
19/01/1971The Economy/IndustryIndustrial Relations BillHansard
08/02/1971The Economy/IndustryRolls Royce LtdHansard
08/03/1971Immigration and Social CohesionImmigrationHansard
05/04/1971The Economy/IndustryEconomic SituationHansard
23/11/1071The Economy/IndustryUnemploymentHansard
20/12/1971Government and NationMembers' SalariesHansard
15/02/1972The European UnionEEC - Point of OrderHansard
03/05/1972The European UnionEEC - Clause 2(1)Hansard
02/06/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandHansard
05/06/1972Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland - Control Of ExplosivesHansard
08/08/1972Government and NationLord's Bill (Privilege)Hansard
07/11/1972The Economy/IndustryEconomic SituationHansard
13/11/1972Northern IrelandNorthern IrelandHansard
04/12/1974Religion and FaithChurch Of England MeasuresHansard
04/02/1975Northern IrelandDevolutionHansard
03/02/1976Government and NationRetirement Of SpeakerHansard
03/12/1976The Economy/IndustryFishery Limits BillHansard