Enoch Powell was a prolific writer, authoring many books on politics, Christianity, poems and scholarly books about the classical world. This list includes all of Enoch's books and a selection of books about the man himself.

Works by, or including contributions from, Enoch Powell:

The Rendel Harris Papyri of Woodbrooke College, 1936, Cambridge University Press

First Poems, 1937, Oxford: Blackwell’s

A Lexicon to Herodotus, 1938, Cambridge University Press

The History of Herodotus, 1939, Cambridge University Press

Casting-off, and Other Poems, 1939, Oxford: Blackwell's

Herodotus Book VIII, 1939, Cambridge University Press

Llyfr Blegywryd (with Stephen Williams), 1942, Caerdydd: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru

Herodotus, 1949, Oxford: Clarendon Press

One Nation (jointly), 1950, London: CPC

Dancer’s End, 1951, London: Falcon Press

The Wedding Gift, 1951, London: Falcon Press

The Social Services: Needs and Means (with Iain Macleod), 1952, London: CPC Revised edition, 1954

Change is our Ally (jointly), 1954, London: CPC

Biography of a Nation (with Angus Maude),1955, London: Berker, second edition, 1970

Thucydidis historia, 1955, Oxford: Clarendon Press

Great Parliamentary Occasions, 1960, London: Jenkins

Saving in a Free Society, 1960, London: Institute of Economic Affairs, Hutchinson

The Welfare State, 1961, London: CPC

A Nation not Afraid (edited by John Wood), 1965, London: Batsford

A New Look at Medicine and Politics, 1966, London: Pitman Medical

Exchange Rates and Liquidity, 1967, London: Institute of Economic Affairs

The House of Lords in the Middle Ages (with Keith Wallis), 1968, London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson

Freedom and Reality (edited by John Wood), 1969, London: Batsford, republished in paperback 1999 Kingswood Publishing

Immigration and Enoch Powell (edited by Tom Stacey), 1970, London: Stacey

Income Tax at 4s/3d in the Pound (edited by Anthony Lejeune), 1970, London: Stacey

The Common Market: The Case Against, 1971, Kingswood: Elliot

Still to Decide (edited by John Wood), 1972, London: Batsford

No Easy Answers, 1973 London: Sheldon Press

Common Market: Re-negotiate or Come Out, 1973, Tadworth: Elliot Right Way Books

Medicine and Politics: 1975 and After, 1976, London: Pitman Medical

Joseph Chamberlain, 1977, London: Thames and Hudson

Wrestling with the Angel, 1977, London: Sheldon Press

A Nation or No Nation (edited by Ritchard Ritchie), 1978, London: Batsford

Enoch Powell on 1992 (edited by Ritchard Ritchie), 1989, London: Anaya

Collected Poems, 1990, London: Bellew

Reflections of a Statesman (edited by Rex Collings), 1991, London: Bellew

The Evolution of the Gospel, 1994, New Haven and London: Yale University Press

Books About Enoch Powell:

Like the Roman: The Life of Enoch Powell, Heffer, Simon ,1998, London: Weidenfeld & Nicholson

Enoch Powell, Pearce, RD ,2008, London

Enoch Powell: A Biography, Shepherd Robert, 1997, London: Pimlico

Reflections of a Statesman: The Writings and Speeches of Enoch Powell, Collings, ed., 1991, London:

Enoch Powell: Principle in Politics, Roy Lewis, 1979, Cassell.

Enoch at 100. A re-evaluation of the life, politics and Philosophy of Enoch Powell, Lord Howard of Castle Rising, ed., 2012, London: Biteback