Centenary Book

Enoch at 100 is a critical reassessment of the controversial politician’s legacy by some of the leading political figures and writers of the current age. The objective of this book is to discuss whether the views and analysis Powell expressed in his active political life still have relevance and interest to a new political generation. The book does not justify or support the views Powell expressed, rather its purpose is to carry out an objective analysis and commentary. The subjects it covers are the role of government and the state of the economy; the European Union; Constitutional Reform; Immigration and Social Cohesion; Climate Change, Energy Policy and the Environment; Defence and Foreign Policy.

As well as a history of Powell and his politics it features contributions, in the form of essays, by figures as diverse as Iain Duncan Smith, Simon Heffer, Tom Bower, Margaret Mountford, Anne Robinson, Lord True, Alastair Cook, Andrew Roberts and Richard Ritchie. The book has been edited by Greville Howard. Lord Howard of Rising was Shadow Minister for The Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Between 1968 and 1970, he was Private Secretary to Enoch Powell.

“A wide-ranging book from a distinguished and brilliant slate of writers, considering the legacy of an extraordinary politician. Here is Enoch Powell in the round, from the public oration to the personal man. The account of his second political life as a Northern Ireland MP particularly appealed to me.”

Kate Hoey

Chapter and author index:

  • Editors note - Lord Howard
  • Introduction - Iain Duncan Smith
  • Short History - Lord Norton
  • European Union - Lord True
  • Enoch Powell as a Parliamentarian - Frank Field
  • Constitutional Reform - Lord Forsyth
  • The Role of Government and the State of the Economy - Simon Heffer
  • The Language of Enoch Powell - Roger Scruton
  • Nationhood - Andrew Roberts
  • Immigration & Social Cohesion - Tom Bower
  • A Personal Recollection- Anne Robinson
  • Energy & The Environment - Richard Ritchie
  • Enoch Powell as a Classicist - Margaret Mountford
  • Ulster - Lord Lexden
  • The Poetry of Enoch Powell
  • Defence & Foreign Policy - Andrew Alexander
  • Interview with Pam Powell - Richard Ritchie

“Intellectual, romantic, emotional, brave to the point of, by conventional standards, political suicide, Enoch Powell was a twisted titan. His intellect, his romanticism and his courage drove him to predict the collapse of the European Union and to point out the idiocy of the economic consensus of the post-war years. They also drove him to one of his finest hours: his denunciation of the excesses of Hola Camp.

He was right about many things. This book will ensure that we do not forget that and perhaps remind us that the rest of us must endure the consequences when politicians get the answers to the big questions wrong and do not change those answers."

Marquess of Salisbury



"(But) why should one bother? What is there to learn from a politician who, in career terms, failed, never rising higher than being minister of health? This book, friendly to Enoch, but critical too, provides excellent answers" Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

".....a superb set of essays published to coincide with the 100th anniversary of Mr Powell’s birth.....14 years after his death and a quarter of a century after his retirement from active politics, Enoch Powell still speaks to the British people in a very direct way that seems prophetic...." Peter Oborne, Daily Telegraph



The following two articles were originally commissioned for the book but due to deadline constraints were not included. We offer them here, free to read, and hope that they offer a fascinating glimpse into rarely explored aspects of Enoch Powell's life.

Mark Damazer, Master of St Peter's College Oxford, reflects upon Enoch Powell, whom he first met as a Cambridge undergraduate.


Sheila White MA (Theology), a member of an Anglican Religious Order for 18 years from the late 1950s and a teacher in England and Africa, writes about Enoch Powell's deeply held religious beliefs.